STEPs is an easy to use guide to adapting, differentiating and extending physical activity and sports sessions. Its guiding principles also inform the work of the StreetGames’ Training Academy – but what exactly does STEP stand for? Utilise the following points to make your project more inclusive and enjoyable for all!


Space: Where the activity is happening - E.g. modify the space by increasing or decreasing the area in which a task is to be performed or changing the distance or areas in which to score points.

Task: What is happening? - E.g. modify the task by changing the demands, the rules of the activity, the number of times the child is to repeat the task, teaching cues, direction/level/pathway of movement or length of time to complete the task.

Equipment: What is being used? - E.g. modify the equipment by changing the size of the target, level of equipment, amount of equipment, height of the equipment or the arrangement of the equipment.

People: Who is involved? - E.g. modify the people involved by having children work alone, with a partner, bigger teams, smaller teams, as leader or follower, on different activities, or in a small group.


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