200 CLUB1 initiatives are delivering ‘solo sports’ for young people in deprived areas across England. Club1 supports young people to get into running, swimming and going to the gym.

We are looking for 20 new Us Girls CLUB1 to engage in-active females aged 14-25 to join the programme.

Why CLUB1?

National sports participation data consistently shows that the most popular activities amongst adults and young people are typically ‘solo’/ individual activities such as going to the gym, swimming, running and cycling. To help young people from disadvantaged areas to gain experience, knowledge, skills and confidence in these activities, StreetGames – through the Sport England funded Doorstep Sport Club programme promotes CLUB1 activities. 

Being part of Us Girls CLUB1 will help organisations to:

  • Provide a vibrant & varied (VIVA) sporting offer to inactive girls and young women.
  • Reach new groups of people not currently being engaged.

  • Receive one to one support in running an online crowdfunder campaign.

  • Connect their young people to the sporting mainstream.

  • Support the journey towards lifelong participation in sport.

About the programme

The Us Girls CLUB1 programme aims to encourage and give young women involved in the StreetGames network the opportunity to take part in solo activities.  The focus of this programme is girls who are currently inactive. These are girls who might attend sessions very sporadically or do attend but sit and watch.  We expect organisations who do not have contact with inactive girls will propose outreach strategies to reach them in settings such as colleges, young mums groups, faith groups, youth groups, and schools. 

For Club1 purposes the definition of inactive is; “anyone who has participated in less than 30 minutes' exercise in the past four weeks. If your project's participants are under 16,  they are regarded as inactive if they have NOT have taken part in at least 30 minutes of exercise in the last four weeks, over and above statutory PE lessons in school" 

Why CrowdFunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet.  Crowdfunding is a form of alternative finance, which has emerged away from the traditional financial system. Each contribution tends to be small and from an individual who feels affinity with the area a project operates in or an affinity with the issue.  

We are looking for organisations to join us in piloting an approach to raise funds to support local Club1 programmes.

For this programme we are partnering with CrowdfunderUK the UKs largest crowdfunding platform. They are the experts in helping organisations make their idea a reality by raising money through online projects and campaigns. Thousands of people have used Crowdfunder to successfully raise funds from the community around them. Crowdfunder enables individuals to setup crowdfunding projects, create a crowd and collect payments from backers.

For more information on how this will work please read the guidance notes.

(We recognise that this strand of the programme may stimulate questions, and we are keen to understand your thoughts, ideas and concerns and so please send them to us at crowdfunding@streetgames.org

This programme is England only at present, with support from Sport England and with organisations that are StreetMarked, willing to be StreetMarked or involved in the DSC programme.

What is involved: the rule book

  • Organisations will deliver a range of solo sport activities/opportunities for this group of young women for a minimum of a four month period (activity to commence in January 2016, to capitalise on the New Year Resolution motivation)
  • In order to run an Us Girls CLUB1 initiative, an organisation must have contact with a group of inactive young women   e.g. young women who already meet in a social or sporting context such as at a DSC, a youth group or students from a particular college course. The focus of this programme is Inactive girls (see above definition).
  • Organisations will commit to running a local crowdfunding programme. Organisations will be supported to raise the funds to deliver this programme. See Guidance notes for further information
  • Organisations who submit a successful Us Girls CLUB1 application will receive £1300  to be spent on delivery (there must already be an identified staffing resource in place)
  • Each Us Girls CLUB1 initiative will  involve  15 young women aged 14-25 (from disadvantaged communities)
  • Each initiative is expected (as a minimum) to have ‘contact’ with half of the participants on 5 or more occasions
  • Each Us Girls CLUB1 initiative will identify CLUB1 Promoters (volunteers) at the start. These natural leaders activate and expand their social network to motivate and support other young women and girls to get involved in the programme
  • Organisations are required to provide monitoring and evaluation data to StreetGames
  • Organisations do not have to directly provide the sporting activities themselves. We encourage working with other local delivery partners (e.g. leisure centres, swimming pools, cycling clubs, gyms etc.)
  • Organisations are permitted a maximum of one Us Girls CLUB1
  • Organisations that can show a connection to the concerns of local Public Health agencies to activate inactive, disadvantaged communities will be most welcome

 What activities can I deliver?

A solo activity is any activity that an individual can take part in independently without having to go to an organised session or having to rely on other people e.g. going to the gym, fitness session, running, cycling, swimming, etc.

Club1 experience suggests that inactive people can be effectively introduced to solo activity can be across 3 stages:

Stage 1 Introducing solo activities into a ‘safe house’ so that the target group of young people take part in a solo activity as a group, at a venue that is comfortable and familiar to them.

Stage 2 Taking the young people as a group, out of the ‘safe house’ to take part in solo activities in the community

Stage 3Putting mechanisms in place to support the young people to be active independently.

You may choose to deliver activity across all of these stages – the aim is to support young people to reach stage 3

What do I do now?

  • Please complete and return the application form by Friday 20th November 2015.
  • If you are not currently delivering CLUB1 but would like to become an Us Girls CLUB1 initiative:
  • You can apply to run a maximum of one Us Girls CLUB1 initiative. Each Us Girls CLUB1 will receive £1300 to deliver a minimum of 4 months activity commencing in January 2016.
  • If you are already delivering CLUB1 as part of Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • You can apply to run a new Us Girls CLUB1 initiative (this must be with a completely different group of 10 inactive young women) to deliver a minimum of 4 months commencing in January 2016
  • If you are in Phase 1 and 2, in order to be accepted to run Us Girls Club1 all your current CLUB1 data must be on the Views system or via completion of the CLUB1 monitoring data tool up to the end of September 2015. If you need support then please contact the Compliance Team on 0161 707 0782.

Please click here for more information and guidance to help you fill in the application form, activity plan and budget.

Please click here to download the CLUB1 ‘How To’ Guide. This will help you select and plan your CLUB1  activities.


If you have a question or query, please contact club1@streetgames.org or call one of the team on 0161 707 0782.

Thanks and good luck!

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