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About the programme

StreetGames CLUB 1 LogoThe new StreetGames CLUB1 programme aims to get more young people aged 14-25 to take part in solo activities, as part of a group and of their own accord. The aim is to enhance and connect young people to activity opportunities in their local area, help them make use of local facilities and prepare them to be active independently - contributing to creating a sporting habit for life.

200 CLUB1 initiatives have now been allocated across England with delivery commencing between June 2015-March 2016. Another 10 projects in Wales will also be coming on board very soon!

Being part of CLUB1 will help organisations to achieve the following principles of Doorstep Sport:

  • To provide a vibrant & varied (VIVA) sporting offer
  • Connecting to and changing mainstream sport
  • Encouraging lifelong participation in sport.


For more information on CLUB1 please email CLUB1@streetgames.org or call one of the CLUB1 team on 0161 707 0782

Access our all-new CLUB1 Factsheet that shares learning on how organisations have been able to get young people trying new activities, as well as the importance of CLUB1 promoters and incentives.

Download the CLUB1 Factsheet

You can make a difference

Sport brings huge benefits to young people’s lives. Even a small donation helps us to make those benefits available to our most disadvantaged communities.

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