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Please read through the award criteria and then select the award category to nominate your chosen project, organisation, coach or volunteer.  Good Luck! Check out last year's winners video

Young Coach of the Year Award (young coach under 25 years old)

This award recognises the contribution an individual has made to the lives of their peers by providing leadership and physical activity opportunities in their local community.

Coach of the Year Award

This award recognises the contribution an individual has made to the lives of many through coaching and what makes them stand out amongst others committed to improving the quality of physical activity provision in their local community.

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award will recognise an individual’s commitment to volunteering within their project/community. This can be an individual who has supported their local community sports project for years by setting up equipment or performing administration duties or a CLUB1 promoter, Us Girls Motivator or StreetGames Young Volunteer who has worked alongside their peers as a mentor and motivator. This award recognises that without this individual, their project wouldn’t be the same. (There is no upper age limit to this category)

Fundraising for the Future Award

This award recognises the efforts of a StreetGames project to make itself a permanent part of the sporting landscape for the community it serves. It highlights the huge effort that goes into planning for fundraising and financial sustainability and reflects creative initiatives which lead to additional funds; including applying for grants, corporate partners, new stakeholders and individual giving.

The Matt Kendall Award

This award recognises a StreetGames project that has made a significant difference to the lives of young people by listening and responding to their needs. The project places emphasis on youth development and leadership, believing that this generation are the key to greater equality. Working with different organisations it creates volunteering opportunities home and/or aboard to help empower the lives of young people.

Engaging Women and Girls Award

This award recognises the work done by a Doorstep Sport Club or an Us Girls project to improve and increase female participation in sport and physical activity.

Project of the Year

This award will recognise the contribution of a project that has encouraged more young people to engage, stay, and develop in Doorstep Sport.  The project delivery style has not only benefitted the young people involved but improved the community in which they live. 

Parklives with StreetGames Project of the Year

This award recognises the work done by a ParkLives with StreetGames project to help young people and families access parks in their local community.

Outstanding Work in Community Safety

This award recognises the achievements of a project which uses sport to not only improve the lives of the young people but that of the wider community.  Developing relationships with relevant stakeholders to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour to create a safer and stronger community.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Award

This award recognises a project that has been activity promoting positive mental health for all, that works hard to reduce the stigma  which exists around mental ill health and provides social activities to improve both physical and mental health.

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