The StreetGames Training Academy is all about making it easy to learn how to organise good quality Doorstep Sport and how to meet the high expectations of the teenage participants. The StreetGames Training Academy workshops, coaching courses and resources prepare the Doorstep Sport workforce to provide high-quality sporting opportunities in a style which fits the local communities they serve.

In 2014 the StreetGames Training Academy was commended by the UK Coaching Awards for devising a radically different approach to coach education which is unique to Doorstep Sport. By listening to community leaders, experienced coaches and young people, the Academy was designed to meet the needs of people delivering sport in disadvantaged communities.

Doorstep Sport participants expected their project organisers to be part coach, part mentor, part youth worker and part problem-solving magician. The Academy is a response to hearing that. The teenage participants told us they wanted to look up to the project organisers and respect them as positive role models.

We are affordable: The young volunteers told us that many coaching courses were too expensive. The cost of traditional coaching qualifications can be prohibitive. Our courses are subsidised by funding from Coca-Cola and additional support from Sport Wales and Sport England. We deliver courses where they are needed in the communities they are intended for.

We fit: training to communities, not communities to training. We pride ourselves on supporting young people to achieve and to overcome the bad experiences they may have had in other learning environments.

We lead: Our materials are bang up to date. We are running a research project with Birmingham University and The Coca Cola Foundation to stay ahead of the curve.

We follow: our training offer is shaped through face-to-face consultation, regular surveys and focus groups with Doorstep Sport projects – the young people we work with prompt, consult and road test our training before it is ready

We flex: the Training Academy provides a mix of accredited and non-accredited courses that last from an afternoon to 6 days. Our tutors are trained to industry standards and are experienced deliverers of Doorstep Sport in challenging community settings

StreetGames won the ‘Coaching Intervention of the Year’ award for our approach to educating coaches. Justyn Price, previous Director of Sport and Workforce, was named, ‘Coaching Educator of the Year’ in the 2013 UK Coaching Awards.


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