Change 4 Life

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StreetGames is a supporting partner of the national Change4Life campaign and as such is committed to getting people to ‘Eat Well, Move More and Live Longer’.

Through our network, we aim to support and encourage community projects who utilise innovative and effective ways to promote these core health messages, particularly when it comes to getting young people fit and healthy.

From doorstep sport initiatives to healthy eating clinics, StreetGames projects can play a vital role in helping Change4Life campaign to make a real difference.  If you or your project want to get more involved it’s easy! Simply info [at] streetgames [dot] org (contact us) or call Change4Life on 0300 1234567. Alternatively visit the Change4Life website for more information.

And if you are already doing something as part of the campaign - matthew [dot] pottinger [at] streetgames [dot] org (let us know about it!) Your story could be the inspiration needed to help another individual or project. By sharing details about all the great work, activities and initiatives going on around the country we can definitely make a Change4Life!