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Why join StreetGames?

When a sports project joins StreetGames it becomes part of a network of over 200 organisations across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland  that all share the same aim - to bring sport to young people regardless of their background.

The StreetGames network and branding gives an organisation the ability to promote itself as part of the growing network of Doorstep Sport deliverers aiming to change local communities through the power of sport. The organisation will also benefit from our nationwide network of expertise and contacts. Being a StreetGames network member also provides  access to our programmes – Doorstep Sport Clubs, Us Girls, The Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteers, the StreetGames Training Academy, the StreetGames Football Pools Fives and StreetGames – Legacy Leaders - which enhances the offer the organisation provides to young people.  For more information on these programme click the programme links above

Being part of an award-winning national movement can also enhance a project’s case in grant and fundraising applications.

How to join StreetGames

StreetGames always welcomes applications to join its network. Community, youth and sport organisations that join the StreetGames network receive our seal of approval – StreetMark.

If you run a sports project that works with young people in areas of deprivation and would like to find out more information about joining StreetGames, please download and complete the StreetGames Expression of interest.  On this you can inform us of why you want to join StreetGames and select the programmes you are interested in.  You will then be contacted by one of our Network Co-ordinators to arrange a follow up to your expression of interest. Please note, if you have already completed the Expression of interest for Doorstep Sport Clubs, you do not need to reply to join StreetGames.