Sport for good

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Sport for Good: changing lives, changing communities

Sport is a social good - good for individuals and good for communities. There are instances when sport is not good for society -  when communities fight over football for example or when reactionary role models are pressed upon youngsters. And there are times when sport is not good for individuals - when injuries occur or there is too much pressure to succeed. That said, appropriately delivered sport can and does make a positive contribution to individuals and communities.
StreetGames wants disadvantaged young people living in our poorest communities to have the same opportunities to take part in sport in the same way as young people in more affluent communities.
StreetGames promotes doorstep sport. Doorstep sport is delivered  in disadvantaged communities at the right time, at the right place, at the right price and in the right style. All doorstep sport projects increase participation in sport. Doorstep sport also provides opportunities for healthier lifestyles; new volunteering and citizenship roles; avoiding criminal and anti-social behaviour; enhanced employment chances and a stake in improving the quality of life in the local community. Interventions at neighbourhood level may be designed to secure one or more of these outcomes. 

Doorstep sport is delivered by a host of top quality organisations that work in partnership with StreetGames. There are other organisations that are also skilled at changing communities and changing lives through sport. Here are some of the bigger ones: