StreetGames' European collaboration | A project leader's perspective

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As part of StreetGames’ collaboration with other community sport providers across Europe we sent James Gregory, Sport and Leisure Officer at Thanet District Council, to ENGSO Youth, the Cyprus Sports Association (KOA) and The International Sport & Culture Association’s (ISCA) European Youth and Sport Forum (EYSF) in Larnaca, Cyprus at the end of November. 

The week-long Forum brought together young leaders in the field of sport and health to discuss sport, volunteering and health and to develop a declaration to send to European Health Ministers. Over 80 young people, drawn from 28 countries, were involved and the event focused on the three different themes of participation, volunteering and health.

James was chosen to act as a facilitator at the conference, specialising in health improvement. He said: “It really was very exciting to represent StreetGames on an international project and to play a part in such an important declaration that will encourage the European Union to do more to recognise the importance of sport, health and physical activity in everyday life.

“The work we’ve done has been turned into recommendations on how to improve the current climate with concrete actions that can be accepted and implemented by both the European Sport and Health Ministers and the participants of the Forum.” 

He continued: “We will also create a legacy for the Forum by revisiting the participants in six months’ and a year’s time to find out how being a member has improved their own practice at a local level. We have all pledged to learn from good practice around Europe to improve our offer at home.”

James was joined at the Forum by StreetGames member, Jamie Tresidder, from the Dracaena project in Cornwall. He, too, found it a fantastic experience. He said: “I can't express what an amazing week it was to be part of a Forum with such a great cross-section of people from across Europe.”

StreetGames’ involvement is part of a wider engagement with international partners which will see a variety of Europe-wide opportunities for StreetGames projects in 2013. See below for more details.  

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Opportunities for StreetGames projects in 2013

Euro Street Soccer

StreetGames is on the lookout for projects, leaders and participants to take part in a Street Soccer tournament abroad in the summer of 2013. 

If your project has the street style skills, please contact matt [dot] kendall [at] streetgames [dot] org [dot] uk (subject: Street%20Soccer) (Matt Kendall).

Youth exchanges

Youth exchanges allow one or more groups of young people to be hosted by a group from another country and participate in a joint programme of activities.  These projects involve the active participation of young people and are designed to provide a chance to discover and become aware of different social and cultural realities.  There are opportunities for groups from 16 – 60 in size, for between 6-21 days of activity.

For advice on applying and getting started, please contact matt [dot] kendall [at] streetgames [dot] org [dot] uk (subject: Youth%20exchanges) (Matt Kendall).

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