A group of young people in Newcastle, with the support of StreetGames and The Reporters’ Academy, have created a video to share their experiences and those of others during this year.

The Best Summer Ever Reporters project empowered young people to become social media reporters on their mobiles, developed their skills virtually, and guided them to capture content that contributed to a collective film made by young people from across the Newcastle area. The film was edited by young editors at The Reporters’ Academy, showcasing to the world ‘what it’s like to live here’. Young people were involved with the planning, scripting, filming, interviewing and editing processes that led to the production of a fantastic piece of work.

The video has been viewed over 150 times in the first two weeks since publishing it on YouTube and is amongst one of the highest viewed videos on StreetGames YouTube channel. This film has been showcased to many different partners and across the network of organisations that StreetGames works with, including Newcastle City Council, the Department for Education and over 1,000 organisations across the country.

The young people involved in the project have developed new skills and seen their confidence grow over the short time they have been involved.

"I really enjoyed being involved in this project with the The Reporters Academy and Street Games because it helped me learn new skills and have something to do through the summer in lockdown. I really appreciated everything I learnt about interviewing people, camera work etc. and it was amazing to have a platform to voice what young people are thinking about during the pandemic.” Liyanah, 18

“It was fun; really interesting. It’s something I’ve never done before and would never normally get the opportunity to do. It’s given me more confidence using online platforms and encouraged me to get out and see Newcastle for what it has to offer, including new green spaces I never knew about. It’s definitely one of the things I can say I accomplished in 2020” Kenya, 19

The video can be seen here: Summer 2020: Experiences of lockdown in Newcastle.