A new series of free training courses aim to help community organisations to use sport as a way to keep young people out of trouble and help make communities safer.

StreetGames are hosting a week of training for project managers and front line delivery staff for organisations who are either already using the power of community sport to reduce youth crime & youth violence, or for organisations who want to work more in this space.

The power of sport if used appropriately can offer an alternative means of excitement and risk taking to that gained through engaging in offending behaviour. Another advantage of using the power of sport is the access to an increasing alternative social network and wide range of positive social role models.

Sport, in its role as a positive activity, is well placed to take a universal, preventative role in reducing and preventing youth violence. Positive activities are considered as having a useful role for developing young people’s resilience and enhancing protective factors (HM Government’s Serious Violence Strategy, 2018).

Doorstep Sport can offer:

  • Supervised activity
  • Fun and variety
  • Pro-social friendships especially for girls
  • Activities for normative peer activities
  • Positive adult role models
  • Support for protective factors such as a safe place, routine activities, setting boundaries, building resilience, a sense of belonging, and a pro-social identity

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These workshops are FREE to StreetGames network members, all we ask is that you register for the workshops you would like to attend so we can allocate you the certificates at the end of the week.

Monday 19th Oct: 10am – 1pm:

Sport & Youth Crime - Theory of Change

Delivered by Graham Helm & Lucie Vickers

For: Project Managers and Lead Coaches

BOOK NOW: Sport & Youth Crime - Theory of Change

Monday 19th Oct: 2pm – 3:30pm:

Investment & Sustainability for your community safety provision

Delivered by Emma Tugby & Guest Ash Rahman from Pro Touch

For: Project Managers

BOOK NOW: Investment & Sustainability for your Doorstep Sport Project


Tues 20th Oct: 10am – 12pm:

Introduction to Social Prescribing for young people – Referral Pathways

Delivered by: Dawn Mitchell & Guest

For: Project Managers & Referral Agencies

BOOK NOW: Introduction to Social Prescribing for Community Sport

KEYNOTE: Tues 20th Oct: 1pm – 3:30pm

Post Traumatic Streets Disorder

Delivered by: Ray Douglas

For: Project Managers and All Coaches

BOOK NOW: Post Traumatic Streets Disorder Workshop  

Wednesday 21st October: 1pm – 3:30pm: Managing Challenging Behaviour

Delivered by Mark Roughsedge & Reisha Hull

For: All Coaches and Volunteers

BOOK NOW: Managing Challenging Behaviour at your Sessions


Thursday 22nd Oct: 12:30pm – 3pm:

10 principles of an effective community sports intervention to reduce crime

For: Project Managers and Lead Coaches

Delivered by Kate Roberts & Guest

BOOK NOW: 10 Principles of an Effective Community Sport Intervention


Fri 23rd Oct: 10am – 1pm: Youth Mental Health First Aid Lite

For: Project Managers, Lead Coaches and All Coaches

Delivered by: Colin Rouse & Lyndsey Phillips & Guest

BOOK NOW: Mental Health First Aid Lite


Fri 23rd Oct: 2pm – 3:30pm: Maximizing the 5 Ways to Wellbeing

For: All Coaches and Volunteers

Delivered by: Heidi Tambeh & Guest

BOOK NOW: 5 Ways to Wellbeing - For You & your Young People