A new campaign by StreetGames has been launched to highlight successful sport-based interventions around the country and encourage more people to recognise the difference that well-delivered community sport can make for children and young people.

Launched in January, the #MyStreetGames campaign will include a monthly spotlight on StreetGames work or on the collaborative work with friends and partners, focusing on individual case studies that demonstrate the role that sport can play in creating positive social outcomes.

StreetGames’ Andy Gaskell said:

“#MyStreetGames is all about finding those great stories that sum up the difference sport can make to young lives. We want to highlight stories of organisations, projects and young people who have engaged with StreetGames to better their lives and the lives of other young people living within under-sourced communities.

We’re keen to showcase the positive impact that local projects can have on individual development, transforming disadvantaged young people into role models for others, whilst also illustrating the ways in which they give back to their communities long-term”

The first case study highlighted is a recent collaboration with the charity Chance to Shine, which used cricket to promote social cohesion and new opportunities in areas that are often experiencing high levels of anti-social behaviour and crime.

During the first 9 months of the programme, 286 young people across 13 sites took part in Chance to Shine Cricket through StreetGames delivery organisations. 96% of participants were new to the sport and not members of cricket clubs. As well as bringing in young people who are not already taking part in regular sport or physical activity, Street cricket sessions have also contributed to increasing female engagement, with 35% of participants being female in comparison to 19% nationally, a figure boosted by inclusion of female-only sessions.

#MyStreetGames will continue to showcase new case studies each month, sharing best practice from community organisations across all parts of the country.