Pears Foundation have awarded StreetGames £120,420 to address holiday hunger and physical inactivity amongst disadvantaged children and young people in London, the North-East, Wales and Yorkshire, during the 2021 summer school holidays. The funding will support delivery of StreetGames’ Fit & Fed holiday program at 18 locations across Croydon, Flintshire (Wales), Sheffield and Sunderland, which is expected to provide support for 800 children and young people.

First launched in 2017, StreetGames innovative Fit and Fed campaign offers fun physical activities and nutritious, healthy meals to some of society’s most vulnerable young people. Since then the programme has continued to grow rapidly, with more than 90,000 meals served to date.

This latest donation represents a continuation of a successful partnership between StreetGames and Pears Foundation targeted at reducing child food poverty and supporting young people who would otherwise have no way of socialising or getting active during the holidays. In 2020, the Foundation awarded StreetGames a grant of £80,280 to deliver Fit & Fed in London and Wales during the summer holidays followed by an additional award of £15,000 in April 2020 to address the impact of the national lockdown. The additional grant supported 1,862 individuals in need, including 420 children and young people, living in some of London’s most disadvantaged communities.

Sir Trevor Pears CMG, Executive Chair, Pears Foundation said:

“We know that StreetGames, through their network of local organisations, are well placed to quickly respond to the needs of some of the most vulnerable families in our society and we are delighted to work with them again to provide much needed holiday fun and nutritious food for children who have had such a difficult year. “


Mark Lawrie, Acting CEO of StreetGames said:

“We’re hugely grateful for the continued support of Pears Foundation, which has helped us to support vulnerable young people across the country.

This funding will allow community projects across our network to keep doing incredible work supporting young people and their families in London, Sunderland and Wales, providing food, supplies, and practical and emotional support through this crisis.

We are committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with these organisations, and it means a great deal to us to have Pears Foundation standing alongside us. Their support is crucial to continuing to give young people the support and opportunities that they need.”