With the new year starting much the same way as the last one ended, with families struggling to adapt to life in lockdown, it can be hard to find room for optimism. But there are reasons to be cheerful and one of them is way that society has pulled together to support those in need in these challenging times.

Throughout the pandemic, StreetGames’ network of locally trusted organisations have been the quiet frontline in the fight to support communities through lockdown, delivering vital support and supplies to young people and their families. But we couldn’t have done it alone. This work has been made possible by the incredible generosity and support of our partner organisations. Their invaluable contributions have made all the difference for families at the sharp end of this pandemic and allowed us to help tackle the economic and social challenges that lockdown has created.

We are indebted to the flexibility and support of Sport England and Sport Wales, whose funding has enabled us to support LTOs throughout a difficult time, to ensure that sport and physical activity is available at the heart of the community. Many other organisations have played a key role in supporting communities over the course of the year.

Supporting communities in lockdown through #SportHelps

StreetGames’ #SportHelps campaign was launched to help ensure vulnerable young people, who no longer have access to regular sports sessions, maintain contact with positive role models and have access to alternative ways to stay active, safe and well.

Through partnerships with sporting organisations, community groups and businesses, the #SportHelps campaign provided resources, supplies, and advice to improve mental and physical wellbeing through the current coronavirus crisis.

Our partner organisations were vital to this success. In the West Midlands, Jaguar Land Rover generously donated the use of 5 cars to community organisations, delivering 20,000 vital food packages and hot meals to families and the elderly as well as NHS staff, as well as activity packs for families and PPE to health care workers.

Thanks to the generosity of the LTA, 5,000 tennis activity kits were distributed to families to stay active at home, while the Welsh Rugby Union also provided donations of rugby balls to young people across Wales. We also received amazing activity packs from Badminton Wales and Table Tennis Wales.

Tackling child food poverty

StreetGames’ innovative Fit and Fed campaign offers fun physical activities and nutritious, healthy meals to some of society’s most vulnerable young people. This work has become even more urgent during the pandemic, as families found themselves trapped indoors and hit hard financially. The support of our partner organisations has been instrumental in helping to give families something to look forward to during the holidays.

In April 2020, The Pears Foundation generously awarded StreetGames a grant of £80,000, to address ‘holiday hunger’, physical inactivity and isolation, amongst disadvantaged children and young people in London and Wales, during the 2020 summer school holidays. This initial grant was followed by an additional award of £15,000, to support Fit and Fed delivery in London from April 2020, to offset the impact of COVID-19. This investment benefited 1,862 individuals living in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Hammersmith & Fulham and Newport. The provision during the school summer holidays is incredibly valuable, at a time when those young people would be highly vulnerable. In Wales, vital funding support from the Waterloo Foundation allowed us to deliver Fit and Fed to hundreds of young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

BNP Paribas committed to their Aces from the Heart campaign during the Battle of the Brits tournament in 2020, raising an incredible £20,000 which helped LTOs to deliver Fit and Fed activity in Swindon, London and the SE and Midlands, while Tesco awarded £20,000 to StreetGames through the Bags of Help Centenary Grants programme to benefit children and young people across Merseyside, Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

The Childhood Trust, Monday Charitable Trust and Four Acre Trust all made pledges to help us fundraise through the Big Give this year, helping us to raise £23,000 in total towards Fit and Fed delivery which has been even more vital during the pandemic!

All of these organisations have helped us to change lives through sport in 2020.


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