StreetGames is pleased to announce that the team at VivoLife have completed their intrepid fundraising trek! The group, composed of VivoLife staff and customers conquered Yorkshire's Three Peaks Challenge in a little under 12 hours, covering a whopping 5000 feet of upward terrain across 26 arduous miles!

Having supported the work of StreetGames for more than two years, the team decided to challenge itself to go even bigger with this year's donation, culminating in October's epic climb.

Speaking prior to the event, VivoLife Director, Josh, discussed his team's enthusiasm for the fundraiser: 

"We all know from personal experience what a powerful impact sport has on both physical and mental health, along with confidence, team-building and social skills - so when we found out about the amazing work that StreetGames was doing, it was the perfect match!

The best part has been being able to see the impact that the money has made. This weekend we went to a local StreetGames project and met one of the young people whose apprenticeship our fundraising has paid for. I try to visit local projects as much as I can and it is always amazing to see the great work they are doing in the community".

StreetGames would like to say a big thank you to everyone at VivoLife for their fantastic contributions! Your generosity will ensure that more young people will receive access to vital skills and opportunities through sport.