Children and young people in Wales can keep active at home during the coronavirus lockdown thanks to a donation of Gilbert rugby balls from the Welsh Rugby Union.

Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) have donated 130 spare Gilbert rugby balls to be distributed to families across Wales in a bid to help keep people fit and active at home.

The donation has been provided as part of WRU’s ongoing response to the Coronavirus crisis, with the organisation providing a variety of community outreach initiatives to keep families, children and young people happy and active during this difficult lockdown period including a series of fun garden activity guides. Rugby fans looking for ways to stay active at home can find out more by visiting

The donation is in support of StreetGames’ #SportHelps campaign – a national effort to provide alternative ways for young people from disadvantaged communities to stay active at home in the absence of regular sports sessions. The charity is overseeing distribution of the donated rugby balls in coordination with local community sports clubs across Wales and they will go out alongside food parcels and other essentials.

The #SportHelps campaign - through partnerships with sporting organisations, community groups and businesses - is helping young people and their communities by providing resources, supplies, and advice to improve mental and physical wellbeing during the current pandemic.


WRU Community Director Geraint John said:

We are glad to be able to help out in this way. It is vital to keep our minds and bodies fit and active during this period. These smaller sized Gilbert balls were destined to be used at inclusion events throughout this spring including some joint programmes with Street Games. We look forward to working together on exciting projects again in the future.”


Mark Lawrie, Acting CEO of StreetGames said:

“The current lockdown is hugely challenging for all of us, but especially for the children and young people StreetGames supports. Many families, especially those in disadvantaged communities, are facing weeks trapped in small living spaces without access to gardens or large green spaces.

Our #SportHelps campaign is working to support children and young people through these unprecedented times, by providing resources and support to brighten up their days and enjoy fun, physical activity no matter where they are.

We’re delighted to have the support of the Welsh Rugby Union in this campaign. These rugby balls will support our mission to ensure children and young people get up and moving during these trying times.”