Fit and Fed - Summer 2018 Report

StreetGames is pleased to announce the release of the Fit and Fed summer report for 2018 - featuring fresh stats, participant feedback and handy infographics!Read more

Safe, Fit and Well - Case Study Research

Safe, Fit and Well (SFW) is a pioneering research programme that was launched by StreetGames in 2017.  It examines the hitherto largely unexplored connections between community sport and young people’s mental health and wellbeing in disadvantaged areas.Read more

Over 9,000 learners and counting!

Over 9000 learners have been through the StreetGames Activator Training.Read more

Insight into Action

The £20m Doorstep Sport Club programme was completed on time, on budget and over target. The programme ran from 2013 to 2017 in 1,000 disadvantaged neighbourhoods.Read more

Empowering Coaching For Doorstep Sport

The aim was to develop a bespoke training workshop, to train Doorstep Sport coaches to become more empowering, and assess how effective the training was for both the coaches and the young people in the sessions they deliver to.Read more

Us Girls Wales Learning

There are approximately 36,000 13-19 year old females living in poverty in Wales. The target for the Us Girls programme was to reach just under 5,000 of these women and girls.Read more

The Inactivity Time Bomb

A report showing the economic and social costs associated with physical inactivity specifically among young people in the UK.Read more

Social Return on Investment

The story of SROI evaluation. It is written in accordance with the SROI principles and its transparency is intended to provide the coaching industry (and beyond) with confidence in the results.Read more