Laura Haynes - Up-skilled with StreetGames

Laura’s first interaction with StreetGames came through a mixed provision CLUB1 session, which she attended after hearing about from friends. The 17 year old was quickly recognised by organisers for her mixture of passion, helpfulness and enthusiasm, and was later offered the role of full-time volunteer with the Creative Academies project. Read more

Jameela - Inactive to organiser

Jameela, 16 from Ealing in West London is just one of thousands of young women to have benefitted from the Us Girls programme. Despite living just two minutes from the Bollo Brook Youth Centre, Jameela admitted that that she had never attended any of the centre’s facilities and had remained virtually inactive since leaving school the previous year. Read more

Fit and Fed in Wales - Off to a winning start

During the May 2017 half-term, StreetGames piloted its innovative ‘Fit and Fed’ programme across 4 disadvantaged communities throughout Wales. Spearheaded by StreetGames Wales, along with a selection of local partners, the pilot was successfully rolled out on a minimal budget. Read more

Laura Platt - A Vibrant Volunteer

Laura began volunteering with Us Girls in 2012, as a way to stay involved in sport after leaving college. Read more

Will Booth - Mental Strength and StreetGames

Will attended the #MindOverMountain residential in November 2017 – a four-day event designed to boost participant’s mental and physical health. Read more

Ross Greig - StreetGames student to international sportsman

Ross is a former student of the StreetGames Training Academy, turned mentor who was later named to the Scottish national dodgeball team. Read more

Jason Smith - Troublemaker to tutor

As a young man, Jason Smith would often find himself involved in anti-social behaviour. With local police running short on patience, and relationships at home beginning to break down, ‘Jay’ – as he’s known to friends - knew something had to change. Read more