Laura’s first interaction with StreetGames came through a mixed provision CLUB1 session, which she attended after hearing about it from friends. The 17 year old was quickly recognised by organisers for her mixture of passion, helpfulness and enthusiasm, and was later offered the role of full-time volunteer with the Creative Academies project.

A week into her new position, Laura attended the StreetGames young leader development residential. Whilst there, Laura took part in the StreetGames Activator course – which enabled her to 

“think of fun and alternative ways to deliver sport by thinking outside the box, [by] having the confidence to pass on knowledge to others to help them to develop skills and being comfortable to transition between each sport. The Activator resource book was also great for Laura to have as it was easy to understand, related to what she learned on the course and was hers to keep and refer to whenever she needed a gentle reminder.” Laura's Project Manager Jerrel 

Following the training, Laura was responsible for setting up an additional Doorstep Sport Club activator - a female-focused multi-sport session which now runs every Wednesday and Friday evening, attracting a regular group of attendees aged 14-25.

In total, Laura attended five sport-specific activator workshops before moving on to take her accredited Level 2 Doorstep Sport Coaching qualification. 

“the Activator courses were a great stepping stone before the Level 2 for Laura. The Activators were a great introduction to coaching. Laura felt more comfortable and confident on the Level 2 as she had already gained skills and knowledge from the Activator courses". Laura’s Project Manager Jerrel 

Laura is committed to furthering her sporting engagement through the Creative Academies project, thanks in large part to StreetGames’ support and training – and is eager to gain even more sports qualifications in future.