In January 2019, StreetGames launched the London Safer Together Through Sport (STTS) programme across six areas of London. Funded by the GLA, STTS was aimed at engaging and retaining young people in previously-identified ‘hotspot areas’ - providing them with a range of positive activities that would both prevent and deter them from becoming involved in youth crime, gang activity and/or entering the youth justice system.

StreetGames is now releasing the findings of this important work, in the form of a new summary report. Discover more about this effective intervention, which engaged over 1,400 young people, and supported them across a number of key areas including: improvements in their attitudes, behaviour, confidence and self-esteem.

StreetGames would like to thank all of the LTOs who worked to deliver this initiative, including: Access 2 Sports, Carney’s Community, Fight 4 Change, Right Development Foundation, the St Matthew’s Project, and WISE Youth Trust.

View the report here.