How will it work?

The plan is to drop off activity kits and things to do over the summer on your doorstep. Usually, these kits will be delivered by community groups.

Some activities will be provided online. Families without internet access should let us know as we are setting up local Wi-Fi access systems.

Where there are activities in parks and other outdoor venues, social distancing rules will be strictly adhered to.

If you are interested, what do you need to do?

To register your child/children and find out more, please click on the link below. 

If you are not able to access the form, please contact your child’s school which might be able to help OR text us on 07520 631540

Registration has now closed for this year's Newcastle Best Summer Ever programme, but you can click on the link below to see a map of all our partners who are doing something over the summer who you can contact directly to see if they have any spaces available.


Click on the map below to view all of the organisations that are running something over the summer on a map.

The red and blue pins are the organisations that are running virtual/ at home sessions and the green pins are those that are running sessions at a venue.  If you are interested in any of the specific activities, please contact the organisations directly and they will send you the information of what is available.

NBSE Partners - Google My Maps

You can also visit our Facebook page where we'll be sharing some of the fantastic activities our partners are offering for Newcastle's Best Summer Ever.

Week One

Welcome to the first week of our 7 weeks of activity for Newcastle's Best Summer Ever - the Summer of Change.

Check back here each week as we will be sharing activity cards, videos, recipe books, cooking activities, craft activites, and more!

HealthWorks Activity Book

HealthWorks Cookbook

StreetGames #1 Kerby

StreetGames #2 40 40 In

StreetGames #3 Donkey

StreetGames #4 Rebound

StreetGames #5 Sweet Pong

Week Two

Life Science Centre - ZOOM

Linguacuisine - French and Spanish recipe cards

StreetGames #6 Foot Golf

StreetGames #7 Mind Sweep

StreetGames #8 Kick Ball

StreetGames #9 Around the World

StreetGames #10 Hot Spot

Week Three

Life Science Centre - BOUNCE

Great North Museum - Hieroglyphics

StreetGames #11 Floor is Lava

StreetGames #12 O's & X's

StreetGames #13 Spin the Bottle, Run

StreetGames #14 4 Corners

StreetGames #15 Kick Tennis

Week Four

Life Science Centre - ROAR!

Outdoor Diaries - Activity Sheet 1

Outdoor Diaries - Activity Sheet 2

StreetGames #16 Hunters Rules

StreetGames #17 Boxing Colour Tap

StreetGames #18 Champion

StreetGames #19 Cross Bar Challenge

StreetGames #20 Dodgeball Tag

Week Five

Life Science Centre - BOX

Dance Challenge - Make Your Move

StreetGames #21 Social Distance Tag

StreetGames #22 Water Balloon Volleyball

StreetGames #23 5 min Workout

StreetGames #24 Ping Pong Pan

StreetGames #25 Trick Shot

StreetGames #26 Push in to the Edge

StreetGames #27 Table Rugby

StreetGames #28 Bucket Ball

StreetGames #29 Road Kill

StreetGames #30 Curling

Week Six

Life Science Centre - SHINE

StreetGames #31 Kwick Cricket

StreetGames #32 Heads and Catch

StreetGames #33 True or False

StreetGames #34 Chocolate Bar

StreetGames #35 Sports Reporter

StreetGames #36 500

StreetGames #37 On the Line

StreetGames #38 In the Rhythm

StreetGames #39 Double Dutch

StreetGames #40 Figure of Eight

Week Seven

Life Science Centre - SPIN

Life Science Centre - WOBBLE

StreetGames #41 Jail

StreetGames #42 Down the Clown

StreetGames #43 End Zone

StreetGames #44 Scatterball

StreetGames #45 Diamond Cricket

StreetGames #46 Bench Dodgeball

StreetGames #47 Capture the Flag

StreetGames #48 Long Ball

StreetGames #49 Pac Man

StreetGames #50 Human Skittles