Have fun, get active and represent your community this Summer with StreetGames’ Olympic Challenge!

Over 6 weeks, we’re inviting community sports clubs and the young people who support them to test their mettle with a series of 30 fun daily challenges. From Boxing to Badminton, Tennis to Triathlons, there are activities to suit everyone. So choose your challenge and show the world what you can do.

Lockdown may mean we can’t watch the Olympics this year, but we can still come together and celebrate the power of sport.

If your organisation is up to the challenge, get in touch with Samantha Burton at [email protected] and join us as we come together and bring the Olympic spirit online.

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StreetGames Olympic Challenge

Monday 20th July - Friday 28th August

Opening Ceremony: Friday 17th July – videos shared online for all groups to introduce themselves

Day 1: Design a mascot and start your 1-mile run as part of the marathon (completed individually or shared between a group) – the marathon will run alongside all of the other activities for 27 days

Day 2: Archery using soft archery set or alternatively you can make a target to throw things at

Day 3: Athletics = Standing Long Jump

Day 4: Badminton with a partner how many times in 3 minutes can you hit the shuttlecock over the net to your partner without it touching the floor

Day 5: Basketball - how many shots can you score in 2 minutes

Day 6: Athletics = 100m, 200m, and 400m sprints

Day 7: Football - from 10 metres away how many times can you hit the post or crossbar in 4 minutes

Day 8: Cycling - set up a 500-metre course and how long will it take to cycle 10 laps

Day 9: Hockey - pass the ball into different scoring zones

Day 10: Boxing - how many skips using a rope can you do in 4 minutes

Day 11: Baseball - 4 people spaced 10 metres apart in a diamond shape and have to throw the ball to each other without dropping it

Day 12: Handball - throwing a handball into different containers to collect points

Day 13: Athletics = Triple Jump

Day 14: Badminton accuracy - hitting the shuttlecock over the net into different zones for different points

Day 15: Rugby -throwing a rugby ball into different zones for points

Day 16: Foot-Golf how many shots needed to pot 12 holes

Day 17: Athletics = Speed Bounce

Day 18: Tennis rally with a wall, partner or if in a larger group “Round the World”

Day 19: Baseball/Rounders bat how many keepy uppies can you do with the ball and bat

Day 20: Athletics = Shot Put using a tennis ball

Day 21: Rowing - how much rowing can you do in 4 minutes – you can do this on a mat if don’t have a machine

Day 22: Athletics =100m, 200m, and 400m hurdle races

Day 23: Table Tennis - flipping the bat, how many keepy uppies can you do in 3 minutes

Day 24: Volleyball with a partner, how long can you keep the ball in the air

Day 25: Triathlon = run 1000 metres, cycle 1000 metres and then 100 speed bounces

Day 26: Athletics = Discus using a frisbee

Day 27: Boccia and the end of the marathon

Day 28: Tennis - how long can you balance the tennis racket on just two fingers

Day 29: Athletics = relay race for 400m, and 800m

Day 30: Closing Ceremony - winners’ announcement and organisations videos saying their favourite parts