The StreetGames Policy Cycle involves four distinct steps: ‘Insight’, ‘Innovate’, ‘Evaluate’, and ‘Replicate & Sustain’.



During the Insight stage…

StreetGames’ Research & Insight team begins data collection work, thereby ensuring a strong understanding of the target market. This data may pertain to aspects of the subject’s lifestyle, motivations, attitude, behaviour, needs or all of the above.  


During the Innovate stage…

StreetGames’ multi-disciplinary team utilises these newly-gathered insights to innovate on existing programmes and develop new initiatives. Organisations making up the wider StreetGames Network will then test these new initiatives on the ground.


During the Evaluate stage…

An evaluation is conducted to identify the various successes and shortcomings of these new interventions. One or all of the following questions may apply:

  • What kind of impact has the initiative had?
  • Which elements were successful? Which elements were less so, and why?
  • What were the key success factors?


During the Replicate & Sustain stage…

Once approaches have been adequately tested, StreetGames pursues the resources deemed necessary for its future implementation.

Replication occurs via:

  • Direct delivery
  • Network trades on approach
  • Licensing training
  • Playing into other sectors.