Training your workforce in mental health awareness techniques is money well spent, and helps to create a safer, healthier workplace where mental and physical health are equally valued.

Stress, anxiety and depression are the biggest cause of sickness-induced absence. In fact, Mental ill-health is responsible for 91 million lost working days every single year.

What's involved?
This training will increase your knowledge of mental health in the workplace and  the associated stigmas that typically prevent people from talking about it – making it easier to talk about mental health, as you might with your physical health. Your staff will be supported to become more confident in holding conversations about mental ill-health and in spotting the signs of common mental illness. 

Why StreetGames?
We promise our training will be engaging, informative and interactive. We will deliver at your workplace and can accommodate up to 20 colleagues in each of our four hour workshops.

Pay it forward!
We pledge, as a national charity, that for every Workplace Mental Health First Aid course you buy from us, we will deliver the equivalent Youth course free of charge to coaches and volunteers working with young people growing up in poverty.

How do organisations sign up?
To register your interest contact StreetGames on 0161 707 0782.

Learn more about #21by21, here.