Go Further, Go Higher

StreetGames’ commitment to supporting students to ‘Go Further’ & ‘Go Higher’ as part of their Sports Development Career Pathway.

In today’s educational landscape, student satisfaction, wellbeing, and personal development have become increasingly vital for learners in colleges and universities. Students now seek an exceptional further and higher education experience that not only offers high-quality academic achievement but also fosters broader personal growth.

Here at StreetGames, we understand the importance of addressing these evolving needs. That’s why we offer an award-winning range of innovative personal development training programmes designed to elevate your student experience. By integrating our training into your institution’s academic and extra-curricular offer, you can enhance student retention, boost overall wellbeing, and facilitate significant personal growth among participants.

Our training equips participants with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to:


– Gain a deeper understanding of their target audience

– Develop innovative and creative solutions

– Effectively measure the impact of their initiatives


We understand that each institution and department has unique goals and challenges. That’s why our training programmes are designed to be adaptable and flexible, ensuring that participants receive the most relevant and valuable learning experience. These workshops provide an excellent opportunity for University students to enrich their coaching practice and fulfil their practical learning requirements in sports they may not have previously explored. By honing these skills, individuals can make informed decisions, create impactful solutions, and measure their success accurately.

Our targeted training interventions empower students and staff in Further and Higher Education to make a difference. From grassroots campus initiatives to building a positive community footprint, we equip your College or University with the tools to create lasting social change. Join us and expand your impact today!

Our training has been created to have the widest possible application, but most of all our training interventions are rooted in our organisation’s social values and delivered in a way that is true to StreetGames’ mission: to change lives through sport. StreetGames prides itself both on developing innovative training techniques and on sharing this expertise with others.

Our Activator Workshops

All workshops are three hours in duration and are delivered face-to-face by a StreetGames tutor. The price for each Activator Workshop is £650.

DoorStep Sport

  • Doorstep Sport Explained

    StreetGames’ entire work, including training courses and sports delivery, is deeply rooted in our proven Doorstep Sport methodology. Developed to address barriers to activity among young people living in poverty, Doorstep Sport offers an innovative sporting solution.

    Doorstep Sport projects consist of fun and informal sports clubs that operate at the right time, in the right place, at an affordable price, and with the right approach. These projects provide a diverse and engaging sports experience for young people in underserved communities with low incomes. By improving motivation and fostering long-term sporting habits, we empower them to lead active lives.

    We imbue this ethos into our coaching systems, equipping trainees with the skills needed to engage even the most challenging communities right from the start.

  • Fundamentals of DoorStep Sport

    Fundamentals of Doorstep Sport Module 1: Multi-Skills Activator (3 hours, £650)

    Fundamentals of Doorstep Sport Module 2: Youth Mental Health First Aid Awareness (3 hours, £850)

    Fundamentals of Doorstep Sport Module 3: Managing Challenging Behaviour (3 hours, £600)

    Fundamentals of Doorstep Sport Module 4:  Keeping Young People Safe in Community Sport (3 hours, £600)

    Fundamentals of Doorstep Sport Module 5: Engaging Women & Girls in Sport & Physical Activity (3 hours, £600)


    Doorstep Sport Fundamentals:

    • Accredited Qualification: Level 1 Award in Developing Community Activities for Youth at Risk
    • Duration: 2 days
    • Cost: £3,200 (minimum of 10 learners/maximum of 16 learners)
    • Delivery Method: Face-to-Face & Online

    This accredited qualification is an excellent opportunity for young volunteers to progress as community leaders, particularly in underserved communities. Participants will gain knowledge in community work, partnership collaboration, and their role as activity leaders, among other relevant topics. The course includes a module where participants plan a community-based event, which has often transformed into a funded project led by young people in many areas.

Contact us

For more details and for your College/University to ‘Go Further’ and ‘Go Higher’ with StreetGames please get in touch with:

Nikita Nolan

UK Customer Relationships Manager

Mobile:  07485 915252


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