As a young man, Jason Smith would often find himself involved in anti-social behaviour. With local police running short on patience, and relationships at home beginning to break down, ‘Jay’ – as he’s known to friends - knew something had to change. 

“I never really belonged anywhere, so I think getting involved with local gangs was almost inevitable. I was involved with bad people and doing bad things. It was obvious I was going to end up in jail”. 

Fortunately for Jay, he had access to a local StreetGames affiliate - ‘Y Sort It’, a project that supports young people aged 12 to 25 in the Clydebank area of Scotland. Despite initial misgivings, Jay soon became involved in the running of the organisation’s many activities. 

“It was much better than I thought it would be - in fact, it was brilliant”.

“Things started to get better when I was offered a job with them. It was only a 22 week placement. But it was the start of me turning my life around”. 

Nowadays, Jay has a clear goal in mind – “to help people the way StreetGames has helped me”, by making use of his new training qualifications to become a coach or mentor himself. Says Jay: 

“My ma’s really proud of me. I put my family through a lot. But I can now say I’m a positive role model to my 10-year-old sister. You can’t really compare where I am now to where I was just a few short months ago. StreetGames didn’t give up on me”