Community Safety

Building safer, stronger communities through sport

Young people living in low income, underserved communities face real challenges and are more vulnerable to becoming victims or perpetrators of youth crime. Sports-based interventions can help break this cycle and provide the support and mentoring that young people need.

By connecting young people to their communities, and providing them with inspiring opportunities, StreetGames works to tackle the twin issues of boredom and alienation – leading causes of petty criminality and anti-social behaviour. Our highly-qualified tutors and hand-picked local volunteers provide not only structure and expertise but living, breathing proof of the transformational power of sport – redirecting misspent energy and empowering at-risk young people. 

We support local community groups to provide a clear alternative support network for those who need it. Our community safety programmes promote a child first, pro-social, preventative approach to youth crime and violence.

The Youth Justice Statistics for England & Wales (2020-21) show a clear need for a targeted and effective approach:


arrests of children 


children were cautioned or sentenced


children were first time entrants to the youth justice system


proven knife and offensive weapon offences were committed by children 

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Research & Insights Item
19 July 2023

Youth Justice Sport Fund Programme External Evaluation & Recommendations

£5m Ministry of Justice investment in sport boosts positive outcomes for vulnerable young people. Read the findings of our executive evaluation, highlighting key learnings and recommendations.

Research & Insights Item
11 January 2023

Westminster Foundation Year 2 Update

StreetGames were awarded funding from the Westminster Foundation to engage young people in physical activity sessions, and to prevent and deter them from becoming involved in crime and serious youth violence.

Research & Insights Item
20 December 2022

London Safer Together Through Sport Summary Report 2019

This report details the findings of the London Safer Together Through Sport programme, launched in 2019 across six areas of London.

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