Us Girls Rocks FestivalsUs Girls Rocks festivals are where young women and teenage girls try traditional and non-traditional sport and fitness sessions. Running alongside them is an exciting range of other activities such as beauty treatments and lifestyle advice.

Fun and informal, the festivals give girls and young women the chance to socialise, meet new friends, try new things and win prizes!

Interested in running an Us Girls Rocks neighbourhood festival in your area? We’ll do all we can to make it a success. That includes providing -

  • £100 cash towards your festival
  • An Us Girls Rocks banner
  • 50 Us Girls Rocks t-shirts
  • 50 wrist bands
  • 5 goody bags to use as prizes containing bag, sweatbands,
  • Wristbands, water bottle, nail file and hairbrush
  • Marketing templates including poster and press release
  • Pre event planning checklist
  • Advice and guidance from StreetGames Event Coordinator
  • Festival feedback and evaluation form

In return the festival organiser will be expected to –

  •  Recruit a minimum of 50 participants aged 14+ years
  • Provide monitoring and evaluation data for the festival
  • Manage all aspects of the festival; insurance, recruitment, registration, staffing and health & safety
  • Provide a case study of the event including photos, videos and press clippings                
  • Provide a copy of their Public Liability insurance

You can make a difference

Sport brings huge benefits to young people’s lives. Even a small donation helps us to make those benefits available to our most disadvantaged communities.

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