The Training Academy

StreetGames training develops the workforce to activate change by building skills and knowledge in the areas of sport, physical activity, community safety, and mental and physical wellbeing.

The role of the StreetGames Training Academy

The StreetGames Training Academy firmly believe that an effective and upskilled Workforce is crucial if we are to ensure that every young person living in a low-income, underserved neighbourhood can access the right sporting offer for their needs: year-round, life-enhancing Doorstep Sport. The StreetGames Workforce Strategy sets out our vision and priorities for a future workforce central to achieving the End Game.

Our role is to develop and deliver training that ensures there is an appropriate number of activators, coaches, volunteers and sports development staff to facilitate Doorstep Sport in every underserved community. We’re passionate about building a diverse local workforce which is reflective of society and that provides a pathway for young people from underserved communities to develop their skills and contribute to Doorstep Sport in their community. Our training broadens understanding about the needs of young people from underserved communities so that all sports organisations design and deliver the right provision.

Our focus on making learning easy, practical, and interactive is what enables us to reach those who might not otherwise access training or have a positive experience; broadening not only their knowledge, skills and behaviours, but also their opportunity and confidence to pursue further training, volunteering opportunities and often employment.

In turn this ensures that high quality Doorstep Sport is delivered by competent local role models who represent and understand their community and the issues facing it and are trusted by the young people in those communities. 

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