About Doorstep Sport

Doorstep Sport is an innovative sporting offer that bypasses many of the traditional barriers to activity amongst young people in poverty.

Doorstep Sport is the beating heart of StreetGames

It is our tried and tested methodology for engaging young people in underserved communities in sport and physical activity, ensuring that sport is delivered in a way that is enjoyable and accessible to young people in the communities we serve. 

At the core of Doorstep Sport is the provision of accessible and affordable opportunities for young people to take part in informal sport within their local community through vibrant, varied, fun and sociable sessions. Effective Doorstep Sport delivery has a strong emphasis on youth leadership, offers personal development opportunities and encourages lifelong participation.  

Key to the success of Doorstep Sport is its adaptability. Delivered in the right way, this approach can be modified to achieve a wide range of positive impacts in the communities our network serves, including combating holiday hunger, preventing youth offending, and improving young people’s mental health and wellbeing. 

Doorstep Sport helps the young people we work with, and the communities that they live in, to become healthier, safer and more successful. 

Why is Doorstep Sport important?

Effective Doorstep Sport not only gives young people the opportunity to take part in sport and physical activity in a safe and comfortable environment, it improves activity levels, confidence and sporting know-how, and provides opportunities for personal growth and development that improve life chances. It helps young people to develop confidence, competence and new social networks.


of participants have been attending Doorstep Sport sessions for at least a year.


of participants do the majority of their sport and exercise at their Doorstep Sport sessions.


of Doorstep Sport participants find sport and exercise ‘enjoyable and satisfying’.

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