Customer Charter

1. Our Vision and Mission

StreetGames’ vision is to mobilise the power of sport and physical activity to improve the lives of children and young people living in low-income, underserved communities.

Our mission is to Change Sport, Change Lives and Change Communities so that young people and communities become healthier, safer and more successful.

2. What matters to StreetGames

StreetGames is a Network organisation. We work with people and organisations that work face-to-face with  young people living in underserved communities. We help individuals and organisations to continuously improve and better meet the needs of the young people and communities they work with.

We intend the support that we provide to be relevant, flexible, insight-based and designed to make a difference to the lives of young people and communities.

The views and opinions of our Network members on the services and support we provide are of critical importance.

StreetGames commits to regularly consulting, both formally and informally, with Network members to ensure that what we deliver is what is needed.

3. What we understand matters to our Network Members

Our Network survey in 2019 told us that Network Members highly value:

  • Our tailored advice and support

  • The training we provide for staff, volunteers and young people

  • The opportunities we provide for networking, enabling collaboration and sharing good ideas

  • The support we offer organisations with funding and fundraising

  • The Doorstep Sport initiatives and campaigns we share

StreetGames aspires to maintain and improve the services that our Network Members find most valuable.

Network Members also value:

  • The helpfulness and competency of StreetGames staff

  • The approachability of StreetGames staff

  • That StreetGames generally respond quickly to requests

94% of respondents in 2019 rated their overall experience with StreetGames as Good or Very Good.
StreetGames strives to ensure that our team members are accessible, approachable and respond to requests in a reasonable timeframe.

The overwhelming majority of Network Members feel that:

  • They can trust StreetGames

  • StreetGames trusts them

  • StreetGames wants the same for young people as they do

  • StreetGames understands the needs of their young people

  • StreetGames is useful

StreetGames aims to maintain and strengthen the trust between our organisation and our Network Members.

StreetGames aspires to maintain and develop its understanding of the needs of young people living in underserved communities and to use it to shape an offer that supports Network Members to improve those young people’s lives through sport and physical activity.

The majority of Network Members told us that:

  • StreetGames stands for the things that concern their project

  • StreetGames has good ideas about how to improve the lives of young people through sport

  • StreetGames is supportive of their project and the young people involved

  • StreetGames provides their project with interesting new opportunities

StreetGames will be supportive of organisations that work with young people living in underserved communities and mindful of how their concerns can be addressed when planning that support.

StreetGames strives to develop new ideas and opportunities that reflect our values of creativity, innovation and accountability

4. What if we fall short of your expectations of us?

Network Members should expect that:

  • StreetGames will listen carefully to any concern they express, in order to provide a full and honest response and take action where appropriate.

  • StreetGames will use concerns expressed by Network Members as a means to continuously improve our services and support.

  • Where a discussion about a Network Member’s concern does not resolve it satisfactorily, StreetGames will maintain a formal complaints policy.

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