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StreetGames training develops the workforce to activate change by building skills and knowledge in the areas of sport, physical activity, community safety, and mental and physical wellbeing. Browse our courses on our training menu below.

Coaching & Leadership Workshops

Our Coaching and Leadership workshops are designed to help you develop and broaden your Doorstep Sport offer by enhancing your skills across a range of engaging sports and activities. Our Introduction to Doorstep Sport session will explore how the Doorstep Sport approach is different from traditional methods of sports delivery and share good practice from across the UK, whilst our multi-sport and individual sport activators, including Street Rugby, Go Spike! Volleyball and Boxing4Fitness, will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to offer new opportunities for young people in your community. Our activator workshops are also ideal for supporting young volunteers’ journey into sports leadership and coaching. 

Introduction to Doorstep Sport
Multi Skills Activator
Level 2 in Coaching Multi-Skill Development in Sport
Managing Challenging Behaviour
Engaging Women and Girls
Understanding Young People from Underserved Communities
Fit & Fed Activator
Parks Activator

Sport Specific Activator Workshops

Activator workshops provide community sports and youth workers with the skills to introduce new activities to the groups they work with. The workshops draw on the principles of teaching games for understanding, and they provide numerous activities to enable coaches to interact with young people and understand their motivations. Developed in partnership with National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs) these workshops: 

– Support young volunteers’ journey into sports leadership & coaching
– Provide new games & challenges to keep experienced youth, sport & community workers’ offer fresh
– Prepare Further & Higher Education students for work in community settings 

Leading Athletics Activator
Street Rugby Activator
Tennis Activator
Basketball Activator
Table Tennis Activator
Street Golf Activator
Handball Activator
Rounders Activator
Dodgeball Activator
Smash Up! Badminton
Go Spike! Volleyball
Dance Activator
Football Activator
Boxing4Fitness Activator

Youth Volunteering

Our Youth Volunteering workshops have been developed using learning from the StreetGames Young Volunteers programme, which creates opportunities for volunteers aged 16-25 to give back to their local communities, whilst also improving their core life skills. These workshops will support you to develop young people as volunteers in a Doorstep Sport setting, including understanding the challenges of crossing the line from participant to volunteer, and empowering young people to take the lead on their own personal development. 

Introduction to Youth Volunteering
Planning and Managing Events
Youth Action

Health and Wellbeing Workshops

Improving the health and wellbeing of young people living in underserved communities is at the core of our StreetGames mission. Our Health and Wellbeing workshops are designed to build your skills and understanding in relation to young people’s physical and mental health and lifestyle choices that can affect personal wellbeing, helping you to provide the best possible support in your community.  

Maximising the 5 Ways to Well Being
Youth Mental Health First Aid Awareness
Level 1 Health Improvement
Level 2 Young Health Champions
Developing Resiliently Active Young People

Community Safety Workshops

Communities in which young people lack sporting opportunity are the same communities that endure high levels of crime and anti-social behaviour, with young people living in these areas at greater risk of becoming both victims and perpetrators. Our Community Safety workshops are designed to develop your understanding of risk and protective factors, with a particular focus on how sport and physical activity, delivered in the right way, can be used as effective interventions against crime and anti-social behaviour.  

Impact of Sport on Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour (10 Principles)
Level 1 in Developing Community Activities for Youth at Risk

Safeguarding minimum operating standards

Our safeguarding workshops have been designed with a child and young person-centred approach. We are committed to delivering training that provide a duty of care of all children and young people, and to safeguard their wellbeing and protect them from abuse or poor practice on any grounds.

Keeping Young People Safe in Community Sport
Keeping Young People Safe in Doorstep Sport

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