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Up to £57m investment received for schools to open their sports facilities to support communities to be more active

The funding will help schools to open their sports facilities outside of the school day in areas where it is needed the most.


StreetGames launches this year’s Inspiration campaign, bringing unforgettable sporting experiences to underserved communities

This year’s campaign is set to create even more access to major sporting events, opening doors to experiences that will stay with young people from underserved communities for a lifetime. 


Bringing major sporting events to the grassroots: How #Inspiration2022 made an impact in Welsh communities

Our Head of Doorstep Sport and Network Engagement in Wales blogs about the impact of our #Inspiration2022 campaign in the region.


Reflecting on our journey: How StreetGames smashed through the £20m barrier to support underserved communities

We reflect on the £23.8m raised since 2018 with the aim of providing Doorstep Sport in underserved communities, with over 90% of the funding coming from non-sport sources.


StreetGames sustainability support raises £23.8m for young people in underserved communities

Our latest fundraising stats show that our unique sustainability support infrastructure has secured over £23.8 million in England since 2018 to support sport and physical activity in underserved communities across the country.


Why are residentials important to young volunteers?

StreetGames residential program empowers young volunteers from deprived areas, offering them opportunities to develop skills, make friends, and experience the world beyond their neighborhoods.


Children’s Mental Health Week 2023

Our CEO Mark Lawrie blogs about the role of Doorstep Sport in preventing and reducing the symptoms of mental health conditions in children and young people and supporting them to build meaningful relationships.


Building partnerships in Plymouth to tackle youth crime and poverty

A citywide programme of sport and physical activity in Plymouth is helping to support vulnerable children from low-income families at risk of being drawn into crime and anti-social behaviour to stay out of trouble and develop skills for the future.


Deputy Prime Minister: Sport has vital role to play in ‘turning young lives around’

The Deputy Prime Minister has hailed the vital role that sport and physical activity can play in “turning young lives around” following the launch of a groundbreaking new Youth Justice Sport Fund.

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