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21 September 2023

1000 reasons to put sport front and centre

StreetGames is committed to helping young people discover their potential through sports, but their recent survey reveals that almost two in five youth from underserved communities can't afford to participate, emphasising the urgent need for equal access to sports and physical activities.

21 September 2023

StreetGames chief warns of health time bomb as cost-of-living crisis worsens inequality in youth sport

As the cost-of-living crisis exacerbates inequality in youth sport, charity chief issues a dire warning of a looming health time bomb. Rising financial barriers prevent almost 40% of under 25s in lower-income households from participating in sports, underscoring the urgent need for action

20 September 2023

Empowering Diverse Youth: The Cherry Tree Project

The Cherry Tree Project, a Stockport-based community organisation affiliated with the StreetGames network, empowers diverse young individuals through yoga and mindfulness, providing a safe space for personal growth and self-discovery.

13 September 2023

National Sector Partner Group Pledge Launch

The leading bodies for the sport, recreation and physical activity sector have today (13 September) made an urgent call to the main political parties and their leaders to pledge to make the UK the most active nation in Europe.

11 September 2023

Celebrating Wales’ World Cup Qualification: StreetGames Empowered Youth through Football and Inclusion

StreetGames were successful in securing a grant of £165,100 from this fund, enabling us to collaborate with 28 locally trusted organisations (LTOs) across Wales, amplifying football-led Doorstep Sport activities for young people residing in underserved communities.

9 August 2023

Community safety is in StreetGames’ DNA

The fund managed by StreetGames, with support from the Alliance of Sport in Criminal Justice and the Sport for Development Coalition is the first of its kind delivered by the Ministry of Justice, and forms part of the government’s wider £300m investment into youth justice services over the next three years. Launched in December 2022, the programme allocated £5 million across 220 trusted community organisations nationwide.

7 August 2023

What do the Lionesses represent for women and girls?

Team sports such as football are invaluable in boosting confidence, building resilience, fostering a community, and improving health and fitness. By being visible and vocal advocates for women's involvement in sports, the Lionesses have ignited a spark that has spread across the nation.

25 July 2023

Opening Schools Facilities: How StreetGames and consortium partners are transforming schools into thriving community hubs

Schools are increasingly seen as community hubs and often have extensive facilities; through this fund, we have the opportunity to open up these assets to provide new and exciting sport and physical activity offers.

21 July 2023

PE and School Sport are the bedrock foundation to a lifelong sport and physical activity habit – are we going far enough to ensure that every child is active for life?

In a post-pandemic environment, where poor mental and physical health are two of the greatest challenges facing our education and health systems, how does the School Sports and activity plan address the ever-evolving needs of children and young people in 2023?

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