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In 2019, the government declared a climate emergency and set a target to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The effects of climate change and extreme weather are apparent and directly impact local sports. The need to raise awareness, find solutions, and build resilience is more urgent than ever. Our field’s concern for environmental sustainability is widespread, motivating us to make a difference.

While progress has been made, there’s still much work to do. This includes encouraging community organisations to organise eco-friendly events, implement green transportation policies, and use recyclable materials for grassroots sport and physical activity sessions. At StreetGames, we’re committed to taking a leading role. We carefully examine our actions, track what we use and waste, and set ambitious goals to reduce or eliminate these impacts. Tackling climate change is a tough challenge, but it’s essential. The world of sports and physical activity holds considerable influence and responsibility. We encourage you to make environmental sustainability a core part of your projects and keep it in mind from beginning to end.

Our journey involves various steps and principles to tackle climate change effectively. Sustainability is crucial when organising sports, recreation, and leisure facilities. By embracing sustainability, you not only save costs but also actively contribute to fighting climate change. We encourage you to integrate environmental sustainability deeply into your projects and emphasise its importance from start to finish.

Examples of action within our plan include:

  • Develop a communications plan to promote and sustain staff behaviour change and promote our actions to external audiences – supporting internal behaviour change via prompt cards for new office hot desks and for those who work at home, providing information and learning sessions via ‘learning lunches’ and making information about our environmental strategy more accessible via our website and intranet. Externally, we will share more information about our strategy and key organisational changes through social media posts and through aligning with and supporting key events such as  World Recycling Day and World Environment Day.
  • Develop a sustainable meeting and transport policy – our policy will promote a balance between face-to-face and a virtual approach to meetings, encourage all meetings to be accessible by public transport, incentivise staff to own and use a bike, use electric cars or public transport, or car share where possible. In addition, we will investigate a salary sacrifice scheme for electric cars to potentially make this a more viable option for employees.
  • Improve opportunities for behaviours that will improve our environmental impact – we have provided a greater range of recycling options in the Manchester office. We will work with our landlord to implement measures to reduce our environmental impact, including reducing water usage in the office and improving energy efficiency.
  • Integrate a sustainable approach into our programmes and events – we are working to review apparel and kit purchasing processes to prioritise the use of sustainably sourced equipment and clothing where possible. We are working to eliminate single use plastics at StreetGames’ events e.g. providing reusable metal drinks bottles for all event attendees.
  • Working with our network of community organisations to develop mutual best practice – we will develop a greater understanding of how our network of community organisations are developing good practice through our annual network survey and we will share good practice across the network.


For more information contact Jacob Fitton: jacob.fitton@streetgames.org



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