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We work alongside a network of over 1,600 community organisations that make up the StreetGames network. Our aim is to ensure Doorstep Sport is accessible to young people across the UK.

English Cymraeg

About our network

StreetGames’ work is delivered in partnership with an expert network of around 1,600 community organisations, working in low-income, underserved communities across the UK. The collective power and reach of the network enables unparalleled access to young people growing up in over 4,000 poverty-hit localities.

The StreetGames network is open to all; we welcome any organisation that shares our purpose. We are particularly keen to support community, youth and sport organisations that provide sport and physical activity opportunities for young people from low-income backgrounds.

Our core approach, Doorstep Sport, is activity that is delivered in local communities in the right style, at the right time, at the right price and by the right people. Doorstep Sport is an effective intervention to engage young people in positive activities and is widely recognised across many sectors, including the sport, youth, community safety and health sectors.

StreetGames’ purpose is to help community organisations to provide effective Doorstep Sport in a way that supports young people to be healthier, safer and more successful.

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