Healthier, safer, more successful communities through sport

Our mission is to transform the lives of young people living in low-income, underserved communities through sport and physical activity.

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Providing accessible and attractive sport and physical activity offers for young people

We believe that access to sport and its benefits are a right and not a privilege. For young people growing up in low-income, underserved communities, however, opportunities to play sport and be active are all too often either limited or non-existent.

To bridge this opportunity gap, we work closely with our network members and partners to unlock the multiple benefits that physical activity can offer to children and young people living in underserved communities.

Explore our research and insights

Read our research and insights reports on what makes Doorstep Sport an effective approach and how it is making a real difference to young people’s lives.

Research & Insights Item
31 May 2024

ARDAL Peer Research – One Year On

This report checks in with five ARDAL-supported social impact projects, one year on from the Peer Researchers' Dragon’s Den pitches, to see how they have impacted the communities in which the young people live.

Research & Insights Item
29 May 2024

Inspiration Campaign Annual Report 2023

This report details how our Inspiration campaign connected young people to major sporting events throughout 2023.

Research & Insights Item
16 May 2024

Lewisham Housing Directorate Doorstep Sport Project – Interim Report

Since September 2023, StreetGames have been working with Lewisham Housing Directorate to deliver a Doorstep Sport programme for the young people living on the Crossfield Estate in Deptford.

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11 June 2024

Hakuna Fruitata

Hakuna Fruitata was introduced as part of the Bring it on Brum! HAF programme to broaden young people's experience of food, primarily fruit and vegetables.

7 June 2024

StreetGames Wales and Wales Golf at the Welsh Sports Industry Awards

StreetGames were nominated and shortlisted with Wales Golf in the ‘Best Collaboration Initiative’ category at this year's Welsh Sports Industry Awards.

22 May 2024

Blog: Addressing persistent disparities in opportunities and levels of physical activity

While the overall results from from Sport England's latest Active Lives Adult Survey show positive trends nationwide, they also spotlight persistent inequalities.

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