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We believe sport has a critical part to play in addressing the issues faced by those living in the poorest communities

Our Impact - Doorstep Sport


the percentage of respondents who told StreetGames that Doorstep Sport had directly improved their skills


the number of participants who would now consider themselves to be 'high', or 'very high' on a happiness rating index


the number of respondents influenced to take part in more regular sporting activity, as a result of Doorstep Sport


StreetGames is supporting Eriona Mehmeti – Youth Coach and Community Champion from Pro Touch Academy who has a brilliant idea. “Let’s make Sunday 4th July a great Britain’s biggest ever thank you party!” As lockdown nears its end let’s pause to say a great big “thank you” to everyone who helped get us through this extraordinary year, together. From front line workers, volunteers, local businesses and neighbours, and all of us who played our part, we couldn’t have done it without each other.”


Author: Claire pickles

Jason Smith - Troublemaker to tutor

As a young man, Jason Smith would often find himself involved in anti-social behaviour. With local police running short on patience, and relationships at home beginning to break down, ‘Jay’ – as he’s known to friends - knew something had to change.


Author: Deleted User