Go Further, Go Higher

StreetGames’ commitment to supporting students to ‘Go Further’ & ‘Go Higher’ is closely linked to our End Game goal to help create a pathway in every low income, underserved neighbourhood for young people to become volunteers and future community leaders

At StreetGames, we offer an award-winning range of innovative personal development training programmes designed to elevate your student experience. By integrating our training into your institution’s academic and extracurricular offer, you can enhance student retention, boost overall wellbeing, and facilitate significant personal growth among participants.

Our training equips participants with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to: 

– Gain a deeper understanding of their target audience 

– Develop innovative and creative solutions 

– Effectively measure the impact of their initiatives 

 These workshops provide an excellent opportunity for students to enrich their understanding of Sport for Development, and the importance of the ingredients of Doorstep Sport.  

Our targeted training interventions empower students and staff in Further and Higher Education to make a difference. From grassroots campus initiatives to building a positive community footprint, we equip your College or University with the tools to create lasting social change.  

Join us and expand your impact today! 


Our training in action

In December 2023, we were delighted to support BUCS with their football activator days. Around 70 young people attended the sessions in Leeds and Reading with the aim of learning new skills to deliver recreational sessions both at their universities and in their local community.

Our Activator Workshops

All workshops are three hours in duration and are delivered face-to-face by a StreetGames tutor. The price for each Activator Workshop is £650. 

Contact us

For more details and for your College/University to ‘Go Further’ and ‘Go Higher’ with StreetGames please get in touch with:

Nikita Nolan

UK Customer Relationships Manager

Mobile:  07485 915252


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