Blitz Netball Activator

Live Training Workshop

Format: 3 hours
Minimum Age: 14 years old
Delivery Method: Face to face, up to 20 participants

The Blitz Netball Activator has been developed by StreetGames in partnership with Wales Netball and a group of Young Advisors from across North Wales. The workshop will provide volunteers, youth and community workers, sports coaches and young leaders with game ideas, basic rules and fun ways to introduce netball to young people in their local community. Learners will adapt their coaching and leadership skills to deliver the games and practices within this workshop to engage young people in netball.

Aims of the Workshop:

  • To introduce netball in a Doorstep Sport style (local to where they live, played in any setting).
  • To identify the basic skills needed to play Blitz netball.
  • To experience and deliver engaging Blitz netball activities and games to groups of young people.
  • To identify and apply basic rules for adapted netball games to support fun, social and competitive opportunities.

Who is it for: Community sport project leaders, coaches and volunteers

Additional Information: This course can be delivered in England and Wales, Welsh language resources are available.

Cost: £650

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