More Successful (Youth Voice & Youth Action)

We know that too many young people living in underserved communities don’t get the opportunity to realise their full potential. That’s why our training program has been specifically designed to share understanding on how to break down barriers to participation and help young people develop their talents to the full.  

Rooted in 15 years of experience in ‘what works’ when encouraging young people living in underserved communities to volunteer and take social action, our #NextGen approach is designed to provide young people with the tools they need to make a lasting difference to their community, empowering them to support their local areas while seeing beyond the boundaries of where they live by working with and learning from other areas to identify and achieve their goals.  

Effective Doorstep Sport delivery has a strong emphasis on youth leadership, offering personal development opportunities and encouraging lifelong participation.   


Developing Youth volunteering in DoorStep Sport (coming soon)

Employability Suite and Youth Voice (coming soon)

Introduction to Youth Volunteering

Planning and Managing Events

Youth Action

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