Us Girls

The award-winning Us Girls programme is designed to increase and sustain young women’s participation in sport and physical activity in underserved communities across the UK.

At StreetGames, we recognise the barriers faced by young women and girls in underserved communities when it comes to participating in sports and physical activities.  

Our 1,000 Young Voices research shows that young women and girls in these communities tend to participate less in sports and physical activities. They have limited access to opportunities compared to their male counterparts and peers from wealthier backgrounds. As a result, their enthusiasm for sports and physical activity is often lower. 

Results from our StreetGames network survey also reveal a pressing need to support young women and girls in becoming more physically active. An overwhelming 93% of community organisations within our network prioritise this support. However, only 36% reported having the necessary funding to facilitate such initiatives.


Barriers to participation 


Not feeling confident


Can’t afford it


A lack of time


Feeling too anxious


Being too self-conscious


Not being a sporty person



Our aims and ambitions

We’re committed to addressing these barriers and empowering young women and girls to lead active and healthy lifestyles. Our Us Girls programme supports the StreetGames network in offering year-round Doorstep Sport in underserved communities, creating safe spaces where young women thrive with trusted mentors and tailored activities. 

We prioritise developing a skilled workforce that understands and addresses the specific challenges faced by young women in underserved areas. We’re committed to diversity and inclusivity, striving to increase female representation in coaching and leadership roles. Through Doorstep Sport, we establish pathways for sustained participation, fostering healthy habits for life.  


International Women’s Day Community of Learning Event

Our Women and Girls Success Stories

Our Women and Girls Research and Insights

1,000 Young Voices Research

Learn more about our 1,000 Young Voices Research and the seven youth segments created from the findings.

Us Girls 2023

The award-winning Us Girls programme is designed to increase and sustain young women’s participation in sport and physical activity in low-income communities across the UK.

StreetGames and Yoginis Yoga & Mindfulness pilot programme

Thanks to funding from the Sport England Together Fund, StreetGames had the opportunity to work with Yoginis Yoga to develop a pilot Yoga and Mindfulness programme for young women and girls from lower socio-economic groups.

Download Us Girls ‘How to’ Guides

How to ensure sport and physical activity sessions for young women are delivered in the right style

How to deliver activity for young women at the right time

How to ensure sport and physical activity sessions for young women are provided in the right place

How to choose between different facility settings when planning activities for young women

How to ensure sport and physical activity sessions for young women are affordable

How to identify the right type of coach or leader for female sport and physical activity sessions

How to identify training needs and upskill coaches and leaders working with women and girls

How to engage with female students

How to engage with young mums

How to engage with young women in challenging circumstances

How to engage with females from BME communities and different cultural backgrounds

How to boost body image with exercise

How to deliver sports events and festivals for young women and girls

How to understand the impact of girls' friendships, enhance them in a physical activity setting and use them to engage and retain female participants

How to make your project activities sustainable

How to retain female participants and encourage lifelong participation

Useful Links 

Women in Sport: Women in Sport is the longest-standing charity in its field with a proud history of securing change for women and girls.

Buddle: Learning and support resources to help organisations to attract more female participants and volunteers, and give them a high-quality experience to make sure they keep coming back.

This Girl Can: This Girl Can, funded by the National Lottery, seeks to tell the real stories of women who get active or play sport in the way that’s right for them.

Breaking Barriers toolkit: Based on the Breaking Barriers research report, created by Access Sport in partnership with the Sweaty Betty Foundation, Women In Sport and Nuffield Health, this toolkit provides guidance for community sport providers, funders and policymakers who want to engage disabled teenage girls in sport and exercise.

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