StreetGames and Yoginis Yoga & Mindfulness pilot programme

Thanks to funding from the Sport England Together Fund, StreetGames had the opportunity to work with Yoginis Yoga to develop a pilot Yoga and Mindfulness programme for young women and girls from lower socio-economic groups.

The aims of the programme were to:

  • Improve overall wellbeing and resilience of young people
  • Increase access to tools for better life outcomes
  • Develop skills and coping strategies for young people in underserved communities
  • Enhance skills and coping strategies for the future workforce
  • Ensure young women and girls aged between 13-25 years old directly benefit
  • Devise a programme of training to expand local capacity to facilitate yoga and mindfulness

The training for the programme was specifically developed for practitioners with existing youth work and delivery skills, but little or no yoga experience. The programme itself included six weeks of 1-hour yoga and mindfulness sessions, together with an initial introduction session and a final celebration/evaluation session. 12 organisations delivered the pilot, engaging 220 young people.

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