1,000 Young Voices Research

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the current cost-of-living crisis have significantly affected the lives of young people and their communities. These challenges have also impacted their ability to stay active. That’s why StreetGames, in collaboration with Platypus Research, have recently conducted an extensive research study to capture the perspectives and insights of 1,000 young individuals from lower-income households.

This research project amplifies the voices of these 1,000 young people, shedding light on their concerns, priorities, role models, and sources of inspiration. It provides crucial data on how they spend their leisure time, their hobbies, sporting preferences, motivations, obstacles they face, and the emotions associated with their experiences.

Young People’s feedback has also been used to create seven youth segments, which help to better understand the motivators, barriers, and associated emotions that young people experience in relation to sport – from those who play sport to release stress to those who would love to do more, but anxiety and self-confidence holds them back. Learn more about the seven youth segments here.

1. I’d love to, but can’t (a lack of confidence stops me)

This group want to be active, but anxiety, feeling self-conscious and not feeling good enough stops them from taking part, but they do appreciate the broad range of benefits sport and exercise.

2. Like what sport does for me

This group REALLY enjoy sport/getting active: for them, sport is sociable, fun, good for them and it gets their endorphins going! Sport makes them feel great and they get a lot out of doing it.

3. It’s not for me… sport is boring, I prefer other things

This group aren’t convinced sport/ exercise is for them. They see sport as boring and get their enjoyment from other things. The only reason they can see for taking part is to be sociable & have fun / have a laugh.

4. Sport is a laugh, let's not get serious

For this group sport provides a chance to have a laugh with friends, release stress and relieve boredom. They don’t take life too seriously. Sometimes this group can’t be bothered or don’t have the time, energy or company which means they can be less active than other sporty groups.

5. It’s for me…results matter

This group are confident when it comes to sport but sport is about more than just enjoyment for them. They put pressure on themselves to achieve goals and improve performance so they can get frustrated. This group may have experienced discrimination which can affect how they feel about sport.

6. Keep calm and let off steam

This group need that sense of release that sport brings to bring them calm and peace of mind. They associate getting active with letting off steam/releasing stress and escaping worries. Sometimes it can be difficult for this group to keep up with a sport as their mental health, lack of time and cost can get in the way.

7. I’m all about looking/ feeling good but things get in the way

This group do sport and exercise to look good and feel good about themselves. It gives them energy but they need to prioritise other things like their education right now, which means they struggle to have the time to do sport/exercise and can also struggle with being able to afford it.

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