Young People’s Voices – We Need You!

StreetGames is working with a group of 5 Young Advisors to develop a Young Person’s Manifesto in the lead up to the elections in 2024.

Can You Help?

Please can you help the Young Advisor Team by sharing this survey link with your young people and encouraging them to complete it – it should only take a few minutes. We also have some top tips on how you can really bring this activity to life in your session (see below).

A manifesto is a public declaration of views and intentions. The role of a young advisor involves supporting StreetGames to develop a Young People’s Manifesto, that will be shared with Government in the lead up to the elections. The aim is to put the voices of young people in the minds of the political parties as they develop their election manifestos. Our Young Advisors have been working hard behind the scenes to develop a short on-line Survey to explore topics they think are the most important and to bring to life the issues young people are facing in underserved communities. We are looking to collect as much information from young people (ages 11 – 25) as possible to evidence our manifesto. We are looking to collect information from now until the 31st January.

What to Do

Please can you encourage young people from your projects between the ages of 11 – 25 to complete the survey. Or alternatively you could capture feedback on the survey questions via discussion groups or creative activities. We have some top tips on how you can really bring this activity to life in your sessions below:

  1. Focus groups: Bring your young people together and facilitate discussions based on the questions in the Survey. This can then be added into the survey/audio recorded/typed into WhatsApp and shared with Rhiannon (Volunteering & Youth Voice Manager, StreetGames) on 07485373008 or
  2. Get creative: There are many ways to bring consultation to life, including engaging activities such as: Post it note races, barrier walls, drawing, vlogs and movie showcases. There are more examples here. You can also utilise our M&E toolkit, which can support you further.
  3. Identifying young people/volunteers in your organisation to lead the conversations in the sessions to enable peer-led youth voice.
Important Survey Information:

As the information collected will be used to develop the manifesto that will be shared with the network and all political parties, please note the following:

Please can you (as LTO leaders) review the questions first to make sure you are comfortable with what is being asked before sharing on to your young people. Participation is voluntary – you do not need to ask some (or all of the questions posed) if you do not feel they are appropriate for your group of young people.

  • This is voluntary research – young people do not have to take part if they do not want to.
  • All views will be captured anonymously and only used in aggregated formats (i.e. no individual responses will be identified)
  • This research should take place in a ‘protected environment’ such as a youth/community centre – i.e. not one young person collecting the views of other young people on the street.
  • Download our parental opt out form (if required) and our trusted adult form.

If you have any questions or need support on any of the following please get in touch with or

As a thank you for supporting us on this we would like to enter your LTO into a prize draw, with a chance of winning a £100 voucher. You can opt into this prize draw on completion of the survey.

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