StreetGames & Chance to Shine combine for Double Century stand in Workforce Development Partnership

StreetGames have been working in partnership with Chance to Shine since 2018 to provide opportunities for young people from underserved communities to play cricket. There are currently 16 StreetGames local delivery partners delivering Chance to Shine Street cricket across England reaching more than 200 young people on a weekly basis. In 2023 alone, 615 sessions were delivered by organisations in the StreetGames network, many of whom have had no prior experience in delivering cricket as part of their offer.

Building on the success of the programme in communities that cricket has traditionally struggled to reach, Chance to Shine invited StreetGames to support and co deliver on their 2-day Street Coach training course that is offered to all the coaches in their network.

The course is part of Chance to Shine’s Street offer to County Cricket Boards and local community organisations in the StreetGames network, to upskill the coaching workforce in their delivery of the programme. The course contains a mixture of practical sessions as well as a 3-hour workshop delivered by StreetGames, which incorporates content from a number of the courses available on our Training Menu including:

  • Working with Young People from Underserved Communities
  • Engaging Women and Girls in Sport & Physical Activity
  • Understanding Young People from Underserved Communities
  • Addressing Challenging Behaviour
  • Trauma Informed Practices

The inclusion of the StreetGames workshop on the course has helped to develop a better understanding of how to deliver cricket in underserved communities across the Street coach network, particularly amongst those from County Cricket Boards. Since the introduction of the course, more than 200 Street cricket coaches have attended and completed the course with feedback being overwhelmingly positive. The courses have also served as a great opportunity for organisations in the StreetGames network to connect in with their local County Boards and develop partnership opportunities.

Commenting on the success of the partnership, Rohan Randhawa, Inclusive Programmes Manager at Chance to Shine said:

Since January 2023, we’ve tailored seven bespoke two-day Street coach training courses in partnership with StreetGames that have covered all regions in England, empowering more than 200 coaches. With workforce development at the forefront of what we do at Chance to Shine, in partnership we crafted each course to meet the needs of the group, earning stellar five-star feedback. StreetGames’ expertise in managing challenging behaviour and working with young people who have experienced adverse childhood experiences has elevated our training, ensuring our coaches deliver exceptional experiences for young people in underserved areas which has become invaluable. As our partnership evolves, I eagerly anticipate the transformative impact these modules will have as they ripple through communities, driven by the passion and dedication of our Street coaches.”

Andrew Diggle, StreetGames National Workforce Lead who delivers the StreetGames element of the course, has been delighted with the engagement from coaches during the workshop:

“Delivering to the Chance to Shine Street training has given StreetGames a platform to develop the workforce’s understanding of how to adapt activities to engage specific target groups, including Women and Girls inactive young people living in underserved communities. Our Managing Challenging Behaviour workshop has also been well received. Participants have been engaged and enthused, with the feedback from all courses being extremely positive. Our flexible approach has allowed us to tailor the content to the needs of coaches, which will help to continue to grow and develop our partnership with Chance to Shine going forward, and most importantly, best support a growing workforce.”

StreetGames are extremely grateful to Chance to Shine for recognising our vision to create healthier, safer and more successful communities through sport and for supporting strides towards one of our ‘End Game’ goals: For all mainstream sports providers to change their practice to meet the needs of young people from low-income, underserved communities. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Chance to Shine, enhancing the skills of their coaching network and bringing more cricket to the young people who stand to benefit the most.

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