Senior Leadership Team

Our Senior Leadership Team are responsible for implementing the decisions of our Board of Trustees and making operational decisions about StreetGames.

Mark Lawrie – CEO

With StreetGames since… 2013

What I do… As Chief Executive, I lead the StreetGames Executive team and support them as we collectively deliver our mission and work towards our vision for children and young people. I work closely with our Board Chair to ensure that we are well-governed and get the best from our talented and committed trustees. I enjoy my role advocating for our work with partners, funders and other stakeholders.

Favourite thing about working for StreetGames… The people who work for the organisation and with us in local neighbourhoods, and their passion and commitment to making a difference for children and young people from low-income areas through sport. It’s great to be surrounded by people who have such a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Favourite sport to watch or play… That’s really difficult because I love sport in all of its forms! My first love was football, as an Ipswich fan and very average centre forward myself. More recently, I really enjoy watching international rugby, especially the British & Irish Lions. Nowadays I hugely enjoy mountaineering and am an occasional (very) high handicap golfer.

Matthew Pilkington – National Director, Fundraising and Communications

With StreetGames since… 2017

What I do… My role is to ensure that we have the resources we need to deliver against our ambitious plans and to ensure that the work that StreetGames and our network of community organisations do is well understood. I provide leadership to our expert internal teams in communications, fundraising and sustainability support.
I also work with our board of trustees and with the Business Advisory Board to identify new opportunities.

Favourite thing about working for StreetGames… The best thing about working for StreetGames is the commitment and ‘make it happen’ attitude of my colleagues within the organisation and across the network. Their commitment to taking the benefit of sport to the places it is needed most never ceases to amaze me.

Favourite sport to watch or play… I have always been a committed team sports guy but am now reluctantly retired from rugby and football. I have now become something I never thought I could be, a committed long-distance runner.

Dawn Cole – National Director, Finance and Resources

With StreetGames since… 2014

What I do… My role is to ensure that StreetGames is a well-governed charity, underpinned by stable finances and effective and efficient resources. I provide leadership for finance, business support, IT, human resources, procurement, governance & compliance, risk management and our facilities.

Favourite thing about working for StreetGames… I love the ‘can do’ attitude of my colleagues and their inexhaustible commitment to doing the best for the young people we work with. I also really enjoy the breadth and variety of my role – it might be a cliché, but it really is true that no two days are the same.

Favourite sport to watch or play… As well as getting up onto the Lake District fells when I can, I enjoy running, swimming and cycling; occasionally putting them all together into the odd sprint triathlon. I’m also treasurer of my local swimming club and an ever-optimistic season ticket holder at Huddersfield Town.

Jane Shewring – National Director, Holiday Gap

With StreetGames since… 2021

What I do… My main focus is the Holiday Gap: addressing the triple inequalities of holiday hunger, inactivity and social isolation that our young people face in the holiday periods. This includes overseeing the StreetGames Fit and Fed campaign across England and Wales and a number of Government funded Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) contracts, along with wider sector CYP collaborations in support of our End Game.

Favourite thing about working for StreetGames… Definitely the people; the organisation is full of people with the most positive, can-do attitudes, they are fun, and all have the passion to use sport to address some of the deep-rooted inequalities that exist in our underserved communities.

Favourite sport to watch or play… I have always been a team sport person – firstly Lacrosse and then Netball, though now my own activity is confined to the gym. I love watching sport, whether this be at grassroots level or on the international stage. There is something quite special about the way sport brings people together whatever the level of ability.

Stuart Felce – National Director, Community Safety

With StreetGames since… 2015

What I do… I focus on building partnerships and evidence to demonstrate how sport and physical activity can be used to prevent young people entering the criminal justice system. I do this by forging regional and national connections with criminal justice stakeholders including the Ministry of Justice, Police and Crime Commissioners and Violence Reduction Units.

Favourite thing about working for StreetGames… I love the people I work with, and how we go about our business! Everyone at StreetGames refuses to accept the inequality that exists for those underserved, underrepresented communities and young people, when it comes to accessing sport and physical activity. That collective drive to challenge this “norm” is very motivating.

Favourite sport to watch or play… I enjoy playing a round of golf and getting out for a 5k run whenever I can. Watching football and international rugby are my armchair favourites.

John Downes – Head of Youth

With StreetGames since… 2007

What I do… I lead our work across a range of youth sector partners to develop new opportunities for StreetGames and our network. This includes developing new programme ideas and linking to government policy around the youth sector. I also have the role of Designated Safeguarding Lead for StreetGames.

Favourite thing about working for StreetGames… The impact we have on young people and their communities. I have had the pleasure of seeing first hand the journey of young people from their local communities, to being young volunteers, then young advisors, and going on to have careers in sport and youth work, helping more young people succeed.

Favourite sport to watch or play… Hard to answer! I enjoy coaching and watching rugby league but participating in outdoor activities – mountain biking, paddle boarding, mountaineering and climbing.

Paul Roberts – National Director, Doorstep Sport & Network Sustainability

With StreetGames since… 2011

What I do… I work closely with and support StreetGames’ Area Directors and the regional teams and StreetGames’ Director of Innovation, across the UK. My role also oversees much of the charity’s operational and people planning.

Favourite thing about working for StreetGames… 2 things: 1 – I love that we provide opportunities to make sport and physical activity more accessible for young people, and 2 – The people! I love working with like-minded people at StreetGames and with our network of partners.

Favourite sport to watch or play… Running, mountain biking, football and rugby.

Ceris Anderson – Head of Knowledge & Insight

With StreetGames since… 2010

What I do… I lead the Research & Insight Team here at StreetGames. Our work broadly spans three key areas:
1. Undertaking research to help deepen understanding of the lives and needs of young people from low-income communities and ‘what works’ to increase activity levels.
2. Capturing data and evidence to help demonstrate the impact of our work
3. Gathering and sharing learning.

Favourite thing about working for StreetGames… I really enjoy hearing from young people and LTOs in the network about their Doorstep Sport sessions and how much they enjoy taking part in sport, meeting up with friends and gaining new skills and experiences.

Favourite sport to watch or play… I enjoy taking part in lots of different sports including netball, swimming and fitness classes. I also really enjoy watching netball and rugby.

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