#Inspiration2022 Awards: Best Youth-led Activity or Event

Our #Inspiration2022 Awards were a celebration of the incredible contributions of young leaders and volunteers in their local communities.

Community organisations across our network were invited to nominate individuals who they felt deserved to be recognised for their extraordinary efforts over the past year.

All too often, young people are dismissed as disengaged and indifferent – but at StreetGames, our experience shows us that couldn’t be further from the truth. Across the country, young people are stepping up and taking action to create opportunities for others and make their communities safer, fairer and healthier places in which to live.

Our #Inspiration2022 Best Youth-led Activity or Event Award recognised young people who have taken the initiative to plan and lead an incredible variety of events and activities for their peers, as well as the coaches and community leaders who give them the space, skills and confidence to do.

Our national winners are attendees at Bolton Wanderers in the Community’s LGBTQ+ Youth Club. As part of the Pride House Birmingham programme for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, the young people developed the QR Code (Queer Routine) project: creating fun and accessible dance videos, inspired by Commonwealth Games sports, for other LGBTIQ+ young people to follow.

StreetGames were delighted to host the group to showcase one of the routines at the StreetGames Summer Camp Pride Day, confidently delivering a unique and engaging activity for other attendees. Against a societal backdrop of sadly all-too-prevalent LGBTphobia, these young people took on a project in which they were visibly and unashamedly themselves, providing inspiration for other young people and encouraging the celebration of diversity in sport.

Our North East regional winners Natalia, Roselin, Angelin and Ann had identified that walking home from school was not safe for everyone in their local community. Having asked their school if they could do some self-defence lessons, but receiving a no in response, the girls were not deterred and instead took it upon themselves to set something up. While taking part in StreetGames’ Developing Community Activities for Youth at Risk course, they asked for support to see if there was something they could do. With the guidance available, couple with their own drive to support their community, the four girls went on to launch a 6-week self-defence course, providing a unique opportunity and vital skills for other young people.

Our Wales regional winners, all young people from Llysfaen Youth Shedz, organised an inter-shed tournament in North Wales to honour the memory of a friend and teammate who had sadly taken her own life, and to highlight the mental health struggles that young people are susceptible to. The hard work involved in putting on the event included applying for funding, organising the teams, inviting stakeholders and promoting the tournament. The event was a huge success, and a brilliant example of what young people can achieve when they come together with a common purpose.

Our Yorkshire & Humber winners Mercedes, Caitlin and Skye made a huge step towards fun and available activity in Withernsea by successfully planning and delivering a sports event in the town, attended by more than 70 young people. The girls developed rapidly from their first step towards coaching only seven months prior, showing real courage and determination to drive this event from start to finish. They have made a real buzz around Withernsea and shown not just the young people, but other organisations and partners in the town, what is possible and how creative, passionate and motivated young people can be to make a difference in the town where they live.

Through our training and volunteering opportunities and programmes such as #NextGen, we are proud to support young people across our network to develop their skills and confidence, empowering them to create new opportunities, with youth voice at the forefront, for young people in their local communities. Congratulations again to all of our winners!

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