During the May 2017 half-term, StreetGames piloted its innovative ‘Fit and Fed’ programme across 4 disadvantaged communities throughout Wales. Spearheaded by StreetGames Wales, along with a selection of local partners, the pilot was successfully rolled out on a minimal budget.

In Blaenau Gwent, StreetGames identified the need to make use of a number of these local partners including the Tai Calon housing association, which came on board to offer several community buildings as dining spaces.

In Wrexham, the local football club agreed to host the pilot on a smaller scale, in collaboration with the Church of Wales and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wales. 

“Thank you so much for the last few days, my kids have really loved it”.  

Meals included a selection of nutritious foods, including fresh fruit, ham, cheese and salads, while activities were provided across numerous parks, public spaces and Multi-Use Games Areas.

These sessions were run between the times of 11am and 3pm, and were delivered according to the StreetGames ethos of ‘turn up and play’. Coaches offered a variety of sports and games, and encouraged participants to choose their own activity, with choices ranging from football and rugby to dodgeball and tig.

In Newport, the programme’s final day was marked with a special mini festival, which welcomed a small selection of VIPs to see the pilot in action. Participants reported higher energy levels, a newfound taste for fresh fruit and vegetables, and a renewed enthusiasm for sport.