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The Get Out Get Active (GOGA) project aims to bring disabled and non disabled people together to be active.

Working in partnership with Disability Sport Wales (DSW), the Get Out Get Active (GOGA) project aims to bring disabled and non-disabled people together to be active, with a particular focus on ethnically diverse communities.

Over the three year duration of the project, GOGA plans to develop an inclusive, sustainable activity programme, working in partnership with a range of clubs, groups and organisations across Newport, Cardiff and Swansea.

GOGA is also developing volunteers across the three cities, to help upskill the next generation of inclusive sport and physical activity workforce.

GOGA’s three core ingredients underpin the whole programme:
– Outreach
– Engagement
– Effective Marketing

GOGA is about much more than being active. It strengthens community spirit, increases confidence and improves mental health. It increases the demand for, and the accessibility of, activities locally.

Funded by Spirit of 2012 and the London Marathon Trust, GOGA in Wales will run until October 2023.

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Case Studies

County in the Community & Sparkle, Serennu Children’s Centre

Since the start of GOGA phase 2, County in the Community have been the lead community organisation in Newport. They have been successfully running weekly football sessions for people living with a disability and their family and friends, catering for participants aged 7-12yrs. The sessions welcome 8-10 participants on average and place an emphasis on being welcoming, fun and developmental.

The success of these sessions led StreetGames to further grow our partnership with County in the Community, by supporting them to continue a session that had recently lost its funding at Sparkle, the official charity of the Serennu Children’s Centre. Sparkle offers a wide range of support for children and young people living with a disability and their families, ensuring that they are able to participate in valued childhood experiences.

Mike from County in the Community explained some of the benefits of the sessions with Sparkle for one young participant:

“I first got to meet Jack at the Serennu Children’s Centre. During conversation I found out that Jack loves football, his dad being an avid Leeds Utd fan. Jack had never been to a live football match, so with tickets being available to watch Newport County AFC play Tranmere back in March, Jack was invited along with his family. Jack loved the game, especially the singing and chanting – he was hooked, and came to the next four home games enjoying every game.”

African Community Centre

The African Community Centre (ACC) is based in Swansea. Their mission statement, aims and objectives made them an ideal community organisation for GOGA to partner with:

“Since those early days, the ACC has become a place where not only African and African Caribbean people can call home but where people from all diverse cultures can find a welcome and a listening ear.

Our clients have opportunities to participate in various activities be they educational, therapeutic, artistic, social or just plain fun. We foster a sense of belonging and integration within cultures and the local Swansea community.

Our forte is working with people in a caring and individual manner where client’s needs are met in a person-centred atmosphere. This can be in English classes, young people’s projects, other group fun activities, volunteering or our unique Asylum Seekers Community Transport scheme.

We believe that we have been a major force in making Swansea the wonderfully diverse multicultural city which it is today.”

The ACC have set up a weekly session that offers a wide range of physical and social activities, including football, ice-skating, a walking club and water sports, for local refugees and asylum seekers living in the Swansea area.

The following testimonial highlights the positive impact that this community provision can have for individuals and the community as a whole:

“My name is Paulina, I’m from San Salvador, El Salvador. African Community Centre projects have been one of the biggest helps I have received since my arrival in Swansea, having a positive impact on my life.

From the English conversation clubs to the physical activities such as ice skating, walking club, and the practice of water sports… these have helped me to be more confident when speaking English with someone else, and I have made new friends which has helped me develop within society.

Along with all this, my emotional situation has improved substantially. Being part of this community helped me learn more about cultures and traditions from different places and expand my knowledge, but above all to create bonds of brotherhood and love with other people. Values such as respect, tolerance and honesty are always the bases of each project.

I feel happy to participate in the activities that I can, improving my quality of life physically and emotionally.”

For more information about GOGA, visit the Disability Sport Wales website.

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