The StreetGames Network Survey 2023

During June and July 2023, StreetGames conducted consultations with Locally Trusted Organisations (LTOs) within the network to gather feedback on various key areas. The areas of focus included:

  • Identifying the key priorities and challenges faced by LTOs.
  • Assessing the impact of StreetGames services and support on LTOs and the young people they serve.
  • Evaluating the overall satisfaction of LTOs with their relationship with StreetGames.

To collect this feedback, StreetGames created an online survey that was sent directly to LTOs in the StreetGames network via email. To encourage response, a follow-up reminder email was sent after one week, and regional staff also provided informal encouragement to LTOs for their participation.

Additionally, reminders were posted on social media platforms. Throughout the survey period, a total of 212 completed responses were received.

This document presents a summary of the key findings obtained from the survey.

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