The number of new participants that engaged with the Us Girls programme over the course of two years was 5,623. Insight tells us that these girls were inactive and semi-active at the starting point of their engagement with the project.

"We would not be where now, in terms of female participation, without the partnership of StreetGames and the learning and support of the Us Girls Programme" Grant Poiner, Boys and Girls Clubs of Wales.

However, the initial target age range for the programme was 13-19 years. The data shows that a significant proportion of the females engaged were on the lower end of the age range and/or below with a core group aged 11-12 years.

Projects have informed us consistently over the last two years that these are the females that have been more readily motivated to engage with the Us Girls offer, with the older age group proving much more challenging.

However, during the latter stages of the programme, the approach used by the FE Colleges has started to support the growth of engagement of girls aged 16-19 years and StreetGames is committed to learning from and supporting these projects in the next 12 months.

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